Vlado Budolasian

This appears to be an example where Progressivists insist on forced equality (impossible) over fairness. Pay attention folks. For this to have transpired here in Carteret suggests an undercurrent of divisiveness that is a disease across the country.

Clearly there are options to keep the libraries open. It’s possible that the Political quagmire needs to be addressed during the process of considering the options. There’s more to the story, and Carteret County deserves better leadership.

Simply admitting that election irregularities occurred which should be shared with voters transparently is not partisan. For any organization (e.g. a 501(c)(3)) to attempt to block examination of significant evidence in order to determine if there is proof of fraud is, in itself, question…

“Mainstream” has been replaced by New Stream. Democrats don’t seem to adjust to police their own. Republicans do.

Vlado Budolasian commented on EDITORIAL: City should put rumors to rest

I agree. The recent exposure of how prolific pedophila is, even to the highest levels of world governments, demands strict response. Saying “I didn’t know” is insufficient. In recent interviews the suggestion has been “we’ve been over this already.” Thankfully there are people willing to …

Dak shuts off reply comments...because....they want to suppress discussion. For reasonable people, that's a telltale indicator of what's attempted here. It's why we need to press for greater transparency and discussion. This cannot continue to create Civil War II.

You start with "Hopefully", but that's disingenuous. You don't want to see the proof, but it's still true.

Why are you trying to suppress the discussion, let alone proof? You'll thank us later, if election integrity is actually a goal you share with us.

 Referencing a corrupt organization does not excuse the massive election fraud. Wishful thinking, but it's not going away. This must be reconciled.

Yours are false statements. 2000 Mules alone shows evidence of massive fraud. Watch it, then comment. Your projecting, in an attempt to do what? Suppress discussion needed to heal our Country. Ask yourselves- why do you desperately want the facts to be suppressed? To prevent violence and …