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tom collins

rock jettys on beach first tho🫠.

lets address the Homeless living in hoophole creek beside bojangles,and on the beach...

lets get the Speed Bumps @t peppertree first. just tryna save lives🫵🏽🫣🥹...

living tha dream"🥹🪺🫠

tom collins commented on LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Climate clarity

that sure was easy wernitt,debra sed save ure breathe🙉

looks like id join the Ironin board,just sayin😎

lets get 4 thick speed bumps on the ocean ridge side as well,for the speeding texting folks...:( the other c.c. speedWay!

nite fishings bout the only waye since 2010.

heck prolly b able to hook 5 small yunganz to 1 vendalater save energy🌝