Probably be like every other class... those that want to make something of their self...will... those that don’t....won’t... those that are lucky enough to have everything given to them by their family will bounce along all happy and oblivious.

Lets extend this to federal employees. At the FRCE, theres managers that have made some real bonehead decisions and implemented programs that have cost taxpayers millions and millions of dollars with zero return. Let’s make everything public... like the bosses son that broke half a dozen …

The one caveat is a bunch... not all.... drug addicts steal stuff to support their habit. I want the right to be able beat one if I catch one stealing my belongings that I bought and paid for with money from a job. I know I know they can’t help it because it’s physically addicting and the…

Looks like we got us a new weather man....hahaha

Beltway bandit 101

Like the airport in Raleigh.... have park and rides all over the county...hahaha getcha a couple acres back in the county... pave it over, install a gate... have a shuttle running back and forth. How bout that. The county commish’s can rezone some land for ya....ahem... I mean for theirse…

And away we go... I’m an advocate of the school’s teaching the “3 r’s” and that’s it.... history is so ambiguous and can easily be skewed to fit ANY narrative. No sense in having mass indoctrination in our classrooms.

“Vaccines are one of the greatest human achievements of all time”. I guess “one of” is a true-ish statement but with todays culture....I was thinking Facebook or hip/hop or gender neutral... haha

If those were voting machines it would be deny deny deny counter accuse

Many things (of our public servants) have been brought from the dark to the light in the last 2 decades or so and nothing gets done about it.... so what.