There's some sorry people on this planet.

I guess they thought with the area concealed by their house and trees/shrubs on the sides, no one would no the about those drones?

She has pending charges for assaulting her 91 year old mother. And she was released on a $2500 bond?? Maybe time for some new judges in this judicial district?

Had to double check and make sure I wasn't on Facebook. [thumbdown]

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Per David Collins, "Forcing insurance companies to cover preexisting conditions is the same as buying insurance on a previously wrecked car and expecting the damage to be now covered"

Hit the nail on the head. I'm stealing that one.

He's a good man and a good Chief. Praying for him, his family and the entire ABFD.

"Cookout is great. But in my opinion we don't need another fast food business." If you don't care for it, don't go there. Maybe the reason "another fast food" business is coming is because they're the ones interested in the property?

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I agree, David Collins. While I get a kick out of watching AOC bumble around in an environment that she is clueless in, I do think that she will be part of Nancy's downfall. She's the pin in the hand grenade that will blow the Democratic leadership apart.

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Well, she did used to work in a bar so she probably has had access to information that most of us don't have. I've come close to solving many world problems while sitting at the bar, chatting with the bartender.

Reminds me of a T-Shirt I saw in one of the shops in Myrtle Beach recently…

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David Collins, we don't have to wait a few years. Seems to be on us now. Surely, you've seen the roll call of some of the newly elected in the House of Representatives.