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You keep making comments to insinuate that this man was involved in pedophilia. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't' (I wasn't there....were you?). The fact is he wasn't even in the country when this incident occurred. I've never worked for Dyncorp but I have worked for other companies that had…

It seems that a young, new Commissioner has come aboard and wants to make some changes that will benefit the residents of Peletier and the "old guard" is bucking those changes. The good ole boy network is digging in and doesn't want their boat rocked.

Cape Carteret was lucky to snag him, especially with a couple of other towns in Carteret County in the market for a Town Manager. If he does for Cape Carteret half of what he did for EI, he'll be worth every penny they're going to pay him and then some. Glad to see him back in the area.

Sounds like you have firsthand knowledge of what went down over there. Maybe you were there? If so, please share it and put an end to the questions.

Do your own research on the Dyncorp incident. Not that hard to find if you have any knowledge of Internet research. He was a senior leader but not even in the same country when the incident occurred. However, the Dept of State demanded that contracts for all leadership from the top down n…

We need Beasley in Congress like we need the current clown show in the White House.

Beasley was "appointed" by Roy Cooper as Chief Justice of our Supreme Court when Mark Martin stepped down. You can read between the lines as to why she was appointed. First election after that she lost to Newby. Now, she's running for Congress.

Fisherman23, I know of one particular Police Lt with over 20 years of service to the Town who was let go last year.

GrillMaster, do you seriously think that Mr. Walker or any other Town Commissioner could tell the press and public prior to the meeting that we are going to vote to fire someone?

Beachmami13, I was listening to the meeting when this was discussed. They are going to first open it up to all Cape Carteret residents. If someone owns a home in Cape Carteret, it doesn't matter whether they live there full time or not. They will be allowed to purchase a pass prior to peo…