just wondering if mr collins and dc are local as in born and raised here?

They can always move back from where they were before they moved here.Less dingbatters would bring a smile to all the locals.

AB as well as the rest of the "CONDO COAST" from Beaufort inlet to Bogue inlet for the last 50 yrs has suffered in the name of "Progress".I suspect even where you live 'either oaks or dunes were taking down for your little dream house or condo.But on the brite side ya get all the sand ya …

DINGBATTERS'Not from the Island.


tide water honey

PINEYPOINTER commented on County condemns proposed WRC changes

Just curious.What locals are being driven out of business.Are you a local?

PINEYPOINTER commented on Court rules Bandy owes US, state $35M

Does anyone know this women and is she living the life of a millionaire or what??Millions of dollars obtained by fraud and shes out and about.I hope if shes found guilty she will lose EVERYTHING and have to live in a cardboard box if not jailed.

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Those 2 are NOT Harkers Islanders!

PINEYPOINTER commented on Motel sells for $2.25M

Love to see a shad factory put there.