u can always go where u were before you came here

put some shad factories over there.Anything to keep the tourist away and maybe the non local to move.

PINEYPOINTER commented on Pirates storm Beaufort during invasion

That was when Beaufort was mostly locals.Now Dingbatters have taken over and run the town.Bring back the Shad Factories.

PINEYPOINTER commented on Town talks I-42, growth

The last thing most locals want is more dingbatters moving here.Always loved the bumper sticker'If its Tourist Season 'why can't we shoot them?.

One dangerous place to vacation.Millions of sharks around here.

PINEYPOINTER commented on Paid parking to launch in county

If its 'Tourist Season'why can't we shoot them?

I have a friend who retired from Cherry Point a month ago also a friend who retired from working up north on a tug boat for 35 yrs a few months ago.Never saw anything in the paper about them.

PINEYPOINTER commented on Remove the dumb signs

Instead of a hotel bring back the Shad Factories.I'm sure some of the locals'as in several generations 'would love that.Hysterical Beaufort would have that 'SMELL of MONEY" again and the dingbatters woUld be getting out of town quick.I would give a 100 dollars to be on front street on a…

PINEYPOINTER commented on What is an environmentalist?

Drill baby Drill.Jobs baby jobs.Screw tourism
local boys need good paying jobs here .Maybe they can put a refinery on carrot island.Or better yet bring back the shad factories.That for sure would help clean Beaufort of some the dingbatters around Beaufort. LOL

DRILL BABY DRILL.Bring some jobs here hopefully for the fisherman who have been put out of work by all the regulations.And for the dingbatters who have moved here in the last 30 or 40 yrs please feel free to move back to where ya were before ya moved here.Ya won't be missed. Its about good p…