Looks like to good ole boys club has some new members.

Gov fix,...... throw money at it.

Count the number of County and State owned vehicles you see every day ! They're everywhere every day, even weekends and holidays.

Beaufort is unfriendly to new business.

"Weekend at Biden's" best describes the past nine months.

D Collins This piece of apparatus " ladder truck" is designed for taller structures than the typical 2-3 story single family home. Not too much like that out the County

Why should county property owners subsidize MHCFD ? Increase the fire tax for properties within the service coverage area. MHC can seek grant funding, scale back major purchases to fit within budget or simply defer capital expenditures until funding is in place. County property owners alr…

NC Superintendent average pay is $156000 average student population 12,500

Carteret County student population +/-8385

Compared to the previous 2 Superintendents Dr. Jackson is worth every penny of his salary.

Can the author include some real comparative figures when comparing Counties salaries based on student population, number of schools, number of employees in school system ,...a few minutes of research would tell a clearer story.