Core Sounder I agree with you 100%. free lunch for young children is one thing, free sand for wealthy property owners is wrong. Might think different about the sand if access was more readily available.

School lunch for children 5-13 years old. What kind of person would complain about this ? This is not a handout or people taking advantage of the system.

All the waste, fraud and frivolous spending feeding children is NOT a bad thing. Funds directed towards this are miniscule when looking at the big picture. Come on DC, DB & company. Fry some bigger fish.

A proactive approach is to issue citations to the pigs who litter. Fines for unsecured loads and blowing trash from pickups would curb the majority of roadside litter and fund cleanup efforts.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel which spans 17 miles and includes a pair of tunnels took 42 months to build from 1960-1964. The North River Bridge which spans 1000 ft. has taken over 42 months to build.

No problem with raises based on job performance. I do have an issue with "raises across the board" including administration. 5% for our superintendent is $8000/yr and our 2 asst. supers $6500 each per yr. Each dept director at Safrit Dr would get $3500 each and their assistants $25…

Osprey commented on Elect Francis De Luca

We need a representative who will speak for the people not someone who simply supports Trump. 30 year marine is admirable but I don't see how that qualifies him for the position. Living in Jacksonville on or around the base and currently in Cary hardly classifies him as "local".…

Osprey commented on Hotel height altered

How would a 40 ft or even a 44 ft building interfere with flight path when it is between a 67 ft bridge and 62 ft Courthouse ?
Myrtle beach ? Get serious. This building will be enhance Cedar Street.

Enforcement of litter laws is an obvious and logical means of addressing the problem. Sheriff Dept and Highway Patrol enforcement by issuing citations can help fund the clean up. For repeat offenders a fine and community service picking up trash should be instituted. Most of the roadside lit…

Self Proclaimed Cool Town where the largest retailer is Roses, busiest restaurant is McDonalds and asbestos is classified as historic. Where Tall Ships don't come and piracy is celebrated. Home of multiple bail bondsman, used car lots and collard stands. A Margaritaville Hotel certainly woul…