Note to the author there is a feature on GIS site to highlight specific parcels.

"How much do you have ?" is usually the answer

The Attorneys will be the only ones to benefit. That is evident in this article.

I do agree with the transgender sex law but not so much about the taxes, my rate was lower but ended up paying more with McCrory due to his cutting deductions for those of us in the ever shrinking working middle class. I was Forest supporter until he decided to waste our money on a futile…

Not a big fan of Cooper or any democrat for that matter. That said he is no worse than McCrory. McCrory took away many small tax breaks for common folks while helping his pals in big business. One example most don't know is the small deduction for volunteer fire fighters/first responders.…

It will be difficult to promote any agenda and hold reasonable discussion on school matters in Carteret County as long as the Board of Education and Board of Commissioners are so closely tied (related).

Municipalities need to plan proactively rather than re actively. Impervious surface guidelines and drainage are more manageable prior to development.

NC is the 9th largest state by population. Covid cases ranking 9th is about what could be expected. If Cooper closed the beaches and tourism destinations in efforet to keep cases down that would have certainly caused much criticism so to blame him for the increase is placing him in a no w…

How about raising the ferry toll for out of state users ?

Keep it $15 for NC license plates and bump it to $30 for out of state license plates. When we travel North we get socked with tolls that locals in their area get discounted with fast pass and local subsidies for commuters.

There is plenty of room north of Maryland for those who don't like it here.