No one knows if it is even worth drilling out there. Just look at the fracking scam the Republicans lost money to in the great North Carolina Natural Gas boom. We do have a great know energy source that will bring permanent local jobs and add to the tax base. Wind hardly ever stops blowing here.

NC-Native-Son commented on What division says about us

Amen Mr. Culpepper.

NC-Native-Son commented on Trump is ‘killing it’

I reckon you can find any poll to support your preconceived notions. Does the Ziggy poll work for infowars or breitbart?

NC-Native-Son commented on Another tragic drowning

No one really cares as long as tourists keep coming in. Beach nourishment is part of the problem. Lack of lifeguards is another.

NC-Native-Son commented on Crystal Coast Tea Party responds

Tax Evading Anarchists Party

NC-Native-Son commented on The crisis effect

They need to bus a lot of refugees to Carteret County. Not only is there still a lot of work to be done cleaning up after the hurricane, but restaurants and other high labor industries are way short on help.

NC-Native-Son commented on K-8 students to eat free next year

I suggest some of you take a few hours each week to volunteer at a school. There are some dirt poor kids in this county who are being raised by grandparents and great-grandparents because mom and dad are in jail or otherwise unequipped with the faculties to have custody of their children. …

NC-Native-Son commented on ‘Case closed’

I think everyone should know that Sen. Richard Burr has not yet closed the case. If Trump has nothing to hide, he should release the full Mueller report to the committees.

NC-Native-Son commented on Looming extinction, No!

Quoting a tabloid like the Atlantic and interspersing that with some extra names means nothing. The bottom line is that there is data supporting climate change and human impact on the environment. I do not know how you define good or bad or indifferent, but you seem to have the belief that…

NC-Native-Son commented on Ms. Pelosi’s subterfuge

We need more workers around here. The employment rate is so high now that the only people without a job are unemployable. I also believe that a lot of us know someone paying some migrant workers under the table. We used to use a label for the local natives who couldn't a job. For example,…