Local governments have always run water systems. The capitalist view wants private competition but we can't have multiple water companies running lines everywhere.

I get what the editor is saying, but he is like a preacher we had once. Instead of writing a long sermon, he just repeated himself several times.

Considering some of the roads around here. If you find tourists here in winter, they are lost. The amount of trash I see is from locals not covering their loads.

This is a case of "Spot Zoning". NC Courts normally defer to the local officials in zoning matters. However the courts also recognize that rezoning a single property or adjoining properties could have a negative impact on the local community.

I have no sympathy for non-resident owners of local property.

Will they bring enough toilet paper for everyone?

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This blathering is why I do not read our editor's posts. It may be a sign of a medical problem.

We are way past time to eliminate the Socialist ABC boards and let the free market take over.

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For once I agree with you on the fact that Hillary has lost it. She cannot come to terms that she was only one who couldn't beat Trump.

They are in violation of state law. The weight of all the camps is causing the islands to sink. Then the so-called scientists are saying that is evidence of global warming and climate change. Too much has been built on the islands.

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