Sorry guys, Censorship keeps me from really getting into this conversation. I guess my opinions are just off base.

PS China does Censor all of it's citizens. Wouldn't think it would happen in the USA. And I don't mean I've been using any foul language,

The comments that ha…

Trying to help people since Dems won't.

Great story.... seems to be a very nice and determined young man!

Will never happen. They are just blowing smoke up someone's..................

LBJ a racist, really.? What about George Wallace?

These men did come from a different era. Even being a prejudiced person, I think LBJ did some good things for black folks considering the time frame of his presidency

Well Ken, under your reasoning, and other than Arnold and a few others, are you saying that the folks from the 13 colonies that fought against Great Britain were traitors?

I'm quite disappointed in this decision. I no longer have school age kids, but can see how this, especially for freshmen, could prove to be an invaluable tool.

I also don't think using Zoom was an efficient way to handle this topic. Politics for sure.....behind the scene stuff.

mpjeep commented on Isaias on the way

Already passed.

Some nice looking cars in-line there. I'm sure the kids will enjoy!

You almost had me convince, Bogue, till you criticized Trump. Are you from BroadCreek?