Republicans were wrong and screwed the Citizens.

The folks Baldwin shot must have been conservatives.

No surprise here from lying Biden.

It's legal to sell Vodka, but no so much Heroin.

Team Biden says America is back, but: a flailing president is a failing president. So what the heck, Joe, just go on another vacation.

Under the Trump administration, the world knew where we stood. With Biden asleep at the wheel, our friends don't trust us, and our enemies are rejoi…

Finally, an adverse Letter to the Editor about Democrats. I was beginning to think this whole county was liberal.

As far as the “consent of the governed? Many, many years ago, Politicians changed the meaning of “public servant.” They just forgot to tell Merriam-Webster.

“More …

Wait and see...Biden will go back to the border crisis agenda of Trump.

Exactly DC. And Biden has shown the world how good President Trump was.

Biden is doing a terrible job as president. Everyone knows it, but not everyone will admit it. I could list all the things Biden has screwed up, but by now you know them all.

Biden is more dangerous to the U.S. than the Taliban. He has betrayed us.

Glad to see a promotion from “within.” Part of a manager’s job is to ensure folks on staff are ready for an upgrade.

Not like MHC, who paid thousands of dollars on a nationwide search for a police chief.

Congrats Mike and Mgr. Zapp.