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It seems like this was just an attack on Bob Cavanaugh. Nothing mentioned has anything to do with “ climate change “, the greatest hoax and money grab since obamacare. Storms come and storms go. It is just a part of life.


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At least Clinton was guilty of something.

To all of you blind democrats on this thread, spewing your hate for Trump, all of his faults and mis-givings and his attitude combined, do not equal just one of hitlerys illegal or shady or corrupt wrong doings.
No candidate in history has violated or skirted more laws than the Clinton m…

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Typical liberal blather, with all of the standard name calling. Worst, unqualified, president would have been a peanut farmer, followed closely by a community organizer. Fact.
Funny how a man in the public eye for over forty years was never called a racist, until he ran against the democ…

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I am so excited about the new "calming colors".

Without energy exploration, and energy independence, we could become like many third world countries at the mercy of other countries. Wind and solar are not good alternatives for transportation of people and merchandise, and certainly won't be in our lifetimes, and if Ken is for it, we shou…

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I am so tired of you Morehead people complaining. All of us on the beach are not millionaires, and don't live in the mansions you only seem to think are on the beach.
Don't you realize the beach is where your tax base and income come from? Without the tourists that come to the beach, Mor…

I am very glad they are banning pets. I wish all of Carteret County would follow this lead at all of their festivals.
I have been 'almost' in the middle of 3 dog fights in public places. 2 were in Beaufort, on the waterfront. I stepped away quickly. Others were not as fortunate.

But lots of people said "they were good kids" in the first article. Now lets see if first degree murder charges fit all of these good kids! Hang 'em high!