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they got to have something to do i guess. since the results are never accepted by the people that keep getting voted in. you know, the ones that could care less about the habitat and more about development.

ask your doctor what they would recommend for unvaccinated adults/children. you do trust YOUR doctor don't you? or is he/she working for the government as well? nah noo nah noo, come in mork, do you read me, how are things on ork

what's wrong with masks? wouldn't your doctor advise you to wear one if you were not vaccinated against covid 19? the same doctor you trusted when they delivered your baby, the same one you trusted that prescribed antibiotics when you had an infection, the same doctor you trusted that tre…

i've got some in the floor board of my truck if they want to use that?

ha! those are good ones guys. it's like larry, curly and mo in here.

hmmm. would hate for the tuna to go the way of the atlantic cod. wouldn't we.

and you welcome them all here with open arms, and of course your hands for their money. if you build it they will come, then traffic and runoff will get worse, then you'll complain and wonder how it got that way. congratulations

my guess is that the town will do whatever is easiest for them. not address the land use development plan and allow the rezoning for the developer. especially if he is a friend of theirs or they stand to make more tax revenue from it. unless they fear a lawsuit for not following procedure…

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yes, then count your blessings you live in republican led county. plus the you have the beach to hang out at. seems like the good life to me. don't let the protesting get you down. relax a little.

this is my land, this is your land, this is our land. a bitter heart can be wooed, a bitter mind can be dangerous.