hahahahahahahahahaha That is funny

The lady who was quoting qanon theories about the CEO of Pfizer not taking the vaccine was a treat as well. Who can argue with such well thought out arguments about the safety of our teachers and students?

What is it that the people opposed to this project really want? You cannot stop progress. It seems like sour apples for the Spooners people, you either will get a 20 acre resedential neighborhood or a marine wholesale business. Now ask yourself which would have more traffic? This issue is…

Ummmm, David Collins it says so right in the article twice in fact. Frontline staff and people in high-risk areas.

Shouldnt there be a disclaimer in there somewhere that the editor has grandkids that went to that school? Not exactly an unbiased take there.

moreheadmom commented on Havelock Bypass gets go ahead

From the map posted below it looks like the bypass is going to be twice as long as the existing route. Which I guess will not matter if its a straight shot doing 60 mph.

I wish Clammerhead would just spit it out and quit trying to act like he is on the inside of something.

This …

moreheadmom commented on NT reporter apologizes

So you are kindof apologizing but not really? The passive aggressive tone is really unbecoming. You are either lying or completely inept.

This is just getting way out of hand now.

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at least it was a pit bull

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as I stated before, Clammerhead does way more harm then good for your cause.

When you have ignorant remarks like his its incredibly tough to be sympathetic to you guys from down east. You have tunnel vision and you are obviously way too invested in this to have a rational thought process.