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Edit to previous comment, the attorney I mentioned is Sonny Sade Haynes, from Winston-Salem.

The county attorney probably can't comment, he's not listed as the attorney for the motion. Sonny Sade is the attorney of record for this motion. I guess they needed outside muscle for the heavy lifting.

If we are selling the water system because it doesn't make money perhaps we could privatize our entire county government also. They spend millions more than they earn every year and always come back for more.

I loved that the potential developers countered the claim that there probably wasn't enough water depth to operate a marina with " the engineers surveyed it and with dredging it will be deep enough". Heck, with enough enough dredging the parking lot at Walmart would make a great marina.

I haven't seen an opinion on this development from the NC Coastal Federation. I would have thought they would be leading the opposition. Or maybe this estuary isn't on their radar

Maybe if they keep pushing their decision down the road a "new board" could vote on it. Or do they just hope that the Davis family will give up on this location?

The article states that the system is designed to capture rainwater and Slowly release it into the environment. I then see a quote that 2.3 million gallons flowed in and they pumped 5 million gallons out. How exactly does doubling the amount going to the sound slow the release into the en…

800 feet long, 16 feet wide. Mayor Cooper wants to raise it 4 feet and strengthen the existing seawall. That's sounds more like he is building a seawall to protect an investment rather a boardwalk for the people.

Based on Google Earth that "critical piece of waterway infrastructure" doesn't have a single parking space or area to even turn a vehicle around.

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this the same group that designed a very expensive storm water drainage system in Cape Carteret that failed completely during Hurricane Florence and appears to have been abandoned since?