Software “glitch” usually means user error.

I play a game based on articles that will get only childish comments. This one won.

The government provides the content of public notices. The content will remain the same. Newspapers are practically insignificant as far as getting iNformation to the public especially in small towns. There is nothing unconstitutional in changing the delivery system....The world has chang…

Amusing for sure. The lame duck has support from crazed and blind electorate and elected leaders of this country. The elected officials have gone down a scary road. The lame duck made it possible for democrats to win. The lame duck through his terrible behavior and his choices and lies ru…

Well certainly the election is over, nothing will change. It’s over. But the lame duck continues to insist there is still a way to remain in power. The duck feels it has an ace yet to play. It’s ace is a mass of sheeple created by the lame duck. These voters are a cult. They have pledged …

LOL, MAGA Sheeple attempting to change the topic.

543 active cases is alarming and unacceptable. That number shows that many folks are not being serious about the virus. It would be amusing to see drilled down political demographics of the 543. Certainly it would see quite a skew leaning toward the MAGA sheeple.

LOL, Nuevo rich.

LOL. They are clearly here out of the Charlotte office. It failed to re-read the article. It also does not understand that the FBI is centered in DC and NOVA. Sheepole are struggling these dark days.