Reads like something right out of the White House. Nothing new here except the subject of the draft. Gutsy move considering:-

Your guy in the White House qualifies as Draft Dodge in Chief, not having the guts himself to serve but to use his and his old man's money to dodge it. It's …

Great article Lauren. A tribute to all those who work at the Federation and its many volunteers. We all can be proud of the NCCF's work and dedication.

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It is because the media in general has not abdicated its responsibility that trumpites are so upset. It's the truth that upsets them. This page, as well as any thinking person knows that neither our president, nor any of his cohorts, [Giuliani etc. ] will testify under oath because they k…

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And Trump attacks a thirteen year old talking about anger management?

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In all seriousness, how can you write and egads, publish such poppycock?

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Those like this page who continue to echo our president's claim that our criminal justice system is a "joke" undermine the very system we all depend on for our national and individual security. All for the sake of deflecting claims of his improprieties. The Morehead Police Department is p…


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And Mussolini got the trains to run on time.

Note that no one denies the president violated our Constitution, and in doing so endangered the safety of our nation and it's people.

When will some of us get our heads out of the sand and see the truth?

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This Trump campaign piece neglected to mention one cause for the downfall in newspaper readership is that our hero has banned the purchase of the New York Times and the Washington Post by government agencies. Except of course the ones he reads daily, to see what is really going on.