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You were duped. You fell for it. If you read the second paragraph it tells you the editor was quoting from that commie rag, the New York Times. Fake news.

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Wow:- That is so reminiscent of the tactic the Nazis used in ridding Germany of its Jews. In fact it is the exact same tactic. "So sad."

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You could have edited the sentence to read "Particularly those who hate Latin American immigrants." By the way, those who hate others because of their nationality, skin color, or religion are bigots.

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In editing my comments you erred. No where did I write the sentence "Particularly Latin American immigrants." Please correct.

The only part that was edited out was where you called people bigots. You need to rewrite sentence two and three to reflect your true meaning. We tr…

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"Low information voters" are the very ones this page addresses. ... It appeals to the low information, anti-immigration crowd. Particularly Latin American immigrants. It appeals to those of us who have it, though we didn't work for it, and fear that our neighbor might gain equal status. F…

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If Alexandria ocasio-Cortez is so powerful, so influential, that she can create such havoc on our southern border and by implication solve our "crisis of the heart" immigration problem, she just might be the best choice to lead our nation comes 2020.

Correction. "We the people" do not meddle in the elections of foreign countries. Our misguided government meddles in other countries elections. Our misguided government invades foreign countries to effect regime change. Not "we the people". It borders on treason to justify foreign governm…

Head, firmly stuck in the sand.

The "proof" is the Mueller report itself. If it exonerates Trump then why not release it in its entirety? It's as simple as that. If there is nothing to hide then why the cover up? To many, including members of Congress, are willing to put politics before country and claim they are patrio…

Wonder what the writer's views were during the Nixon and Clinton years.