A problem is that consumers do not want to pay much for what they buy. If businesses do not make a profit, then they have no extra money to compensate their employees. The business models have changed and companies are driven by a numbers game. They tend to keep it at the top these days. …

JusticeForAll commented on A civil war

Exactly who are the sides in this civil war that is soon upon us? And explain how we tell the good guys from the bad guys. And for good measure, is the whole nation involved or just certain renegade groups?

JusticeForAll commented on The green deal lie

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may soon surpass Mrs. Clinton on the hate-o-meter.

JusticeForAll commented on A Democrat creation

If the democrats want to explore "deplorable conditions" there are so many areas in inner cities of this nation that meet the criteria. Look there first. Oh, but those are Americans. Guess they are not priority.

JusticeForAll commented on How to Make America Great Again

Awe, the American dream. Best sales pitch ever.

JusticeForAll commented on Beaufort approves 4.65-cent increase

Funny how taxes are always spun to be for the betterment of a community. Taking the cash and dumping it in the potholes, around town, would help out more...

JusticeForAll commented on Looming extinction, No!

Don't worry, someone will push the button. Problems solved. Think of it as a reboot.

JusticeForAll commented on Collusion illusion

What are your thoughts on flat earth?

JusticeForAll commented on Nationally destructive

Both would happen. Not knowing which will be more dominant to shape our future is the scary part.

JusticeForAll commented on Nationally destructive

David, Just being flippant about Pelosi's comments.