It's evolution. Self interest wins over altruism in the human species.

Don't think it will level out this time. Recovery will be painfully slow. These recent events have reshaped us. Now we just have to wait and see what happens.

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Have posted many times about my concern with China. My concern now is the over reaction to this virus. The biggest concern should be the economic downfall of this nation. The fall of the stock market, which should have collapsed years ago, has been held up by the Feds pumping trillions er…

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Listened. What point specifically are you trying to make?

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This is the problem. Yes, while sunshine can reduce/kill some viruses/bacteria, the way things are reported is critical. We can not assume that readers have the knowledge or inclination to look further than the words they read on one page, in one publication. Thus, we have those who think…

Why do commissioners have retreats? Where are they held? How much does is cost the taxpayers?

All Americans should honor the constitution without fail. If we did, most of the nonsense we have in the political arena would not exist.

Humans are good at panic. A natural biological response. And, hopefully, when we learn how we were duped, we will respond differently should such events happen again. This is not a partisan thing...every government troll is responsible.

Download Google translates and go to some Chinese and Iranian news sites. Interesting.

Well, "it's only just begun" was a great song by the Carpenters, but it does not give any credibility to your assertion of the impending doom. You know what travels, mutates, and causes more harm...panic. It's been declared a panademic..."WHO" knew? Posted that on March 8th. ...