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Should not be too hard to find a replacement. Just offer him/her a salary which is twice that of his predecessor.

Maybe someday in another world, but never going to happen here. Although it may solve the global warming problem.

Not sure I read this correctly, did CC just replace a Town Manager making $75,000 per year with one making $150,000 per year? What a deal!! Seems like spending other peoples money sure comes easy for some. Just curious, how much do you pay your police officers?

Talk about wishful thinking. One thing I am sure of is that this will never happen, although it sounds good. And if frogs had wings, they wouldn't bump their butts.

The divide seems to grow wider everyday, not sure it will ever get better.

I don't believe we will have to worry about Trump or Biden in 2024. At some point one must move on.

Maybe it is time to separate (birds of a feather flock together). We could be the Not so United States…

Why does the law require you to have a life vest if you are not required to wear it. If it does not save your life I am certain it would make it much easier to find your corpse.

Sensible laws already on the books( there are already penalties for violence against others,so that dog don't hunt)

If laws were the answer we would not need prisons.

Not sure the intent is to tell every teacher they are required to carry a weapon, I would hope that many hours of training would be required of those that are willing to do this, not sure many teachers would be interested. Although …

Well I belive the facts do show the point I was trying to make and that point was that these people who want to kill will find a way and that passing another law will not be the answer, what is that definition of crazy again?

Nothing will compare to the daily carnage in this country…

Like I said before I have no problem with the 21 age requirement and if it prevented one school shooting it would be a great thing. The first point I was trying to make is that if a person wants to commit such an act they will find a way.

Second is just because a weapon can fire 120…