[sad] I am also amazed how bad President Trump is portrayed. As stated above he has donated his salary every year - how many other Presidents can say that? Some may have donated a portion of it but not ALL of it. Granted he doesn't need it but he dang sure deserves it; a lot more than oth…

Not to begrudge this lady a nice salary but what a slap in the face for Ms. Simpson. Can't fund the educational needs but can pay out $25,000 more for a new county librarian? Go figure!

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This would be laughable except for the fact they taking a check is the only thing they have accomplished this session. Along with NO pay raise, they need to give up the perks when [and if ever] they get voted out. They wanted this job knowing what rent/prices are in foggy bottom. Not 1 io…

Isn't it funny [not] how they think they have use fooled; like they care about what's best for Beaufort. People, this is 'a done deal', you can whine and moan all you want. Nothing you say will make a difference. Beaufort lost that small town appeal a long time ago.

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The hospital has been trying for years to acquire this property. Back in the day, Dennis Godwin led a group to Raleigh to block their efforts. I think your idea is better than a landing pad!!!!!

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I'm really sorry to see that the Armory is going to disappear. Yes, I know it hasn't been kept up but my husband spent almost 35 years of his life there doing what he could. After he retired the job was passed onto others who did the best they could but as you can see, with no full time staf…

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From your editorial:
While Mrs. Pelosi and many of her fellow Democrats have no respect for Mr. Trump, they must show respect for the office he occupies. Which they will do Jan. 29.
No they won't and I'm pretty sure that the woman with no soul will …

If he was ever effective it was so long ago that even he doesn't remember. It's past time for him to stop pretending that he care about the people of coastal NC.

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I remember my mother and father kinda discussing politics when I was growing up; never an argument just smiling as they talked about cancelling each others votes. I never knew who was the democrat or the republican; they said it was none of my business and they were right - your vote is your…

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What a wonderful tribute to this man; best of luck in the upcoming elections