Here we go again!

Holy Moly, it all makes sense now!

Wait - it wasn't President Biden that negotiated our surrender to the terrorists in Feb. 2020? It must have been some other president then.

Yes, President Biden certainly made an awful decision when he authorized the Doha Agreement, also known as the Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan, after negotiating the terms and conditions of the withdrawal with the Taliban back on February 29, 2020. That one mistake has led to …

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So, Judicial Watch says that NC has 1,000,000 more people registered to vote than are actually eligible to vote? I'm surprised we don't hear more about that if it is actually true.

"Those who feel uncomfortable are not forced to enter the store."

Our house, our rules - I'm sure we will be fine without your business!

There is a difference between slaves and slavers.

So many clowns -

How long is the emergency room wait now for treatment due to the covid overload?

It's almost like there is a connection of some sort.

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It's like when we lost the war in Vietnam, only we took many more refugees with us this time.