I will just assume its 98.5% downtown Hysterical Beaufort.

Never happen there, they been callin the shots around CC for many , many, many, years and there Daddy before them. Why not call it Cape Mclean.

ok make more room at the Havelock Homes storage facility.

It's FARCE east to Old Timers.

Probly one of them Cherrie Point graduate engineers

Hambiscuit commented on Being held to account

mr kenwood have you ever heard of ralph thomas jr and frank galiza?


Hambiscuit commented on Rep. Jones talks issues

Oh well, guess you could thank him and his Daddy for the big welfare program in Havelock called " farce east cherry point"

Hambiscuit commented on Cooper signs Sunday Brunch bill

ya right. its all good long you as you Roy supporters dont start harming us if it doesnt go your way. I mean this is serious business,, right?