gw commented on Great economic news

Impeachment has nothing to do with the economy or the 2016 election. It is all about not allowing the president to break the laws of our constitution.

it is very sad that anyone thinks this way. "Eyes are opened"? I think not.

gw commented on Protecting pedophiles

Who was Epstein's party buddy?- Trump. Who was just fined for stealing charity money collected for kids with cancer?- Trump Who's AG put Epstein in a prison where he was killed while not being watched?-Trump. Republican talking points remind me of the Beatles son "Twist and Shout"!

How many crimes does the Con-Man in Chief have to commit until he needs to be impeached? The democrats were reluctant to start but they have to do their duty to our country. Trump is not above the law.

gw commented on Hillary has lost it

Hillary lost it. Trump never had it. It is amazing that anyone would still back the conman.

gw commented on No quid pro quo

Hillary and Obama are retired! That's all you got in trying to defend the criminal in the Whitehouse? You republicans have really aligned yourselves with diversionary tactics. It is laughable.

gw commented on No quid pro quo

the republican political doctrine-"repeat a lie enough times until it is regarded as the truth."

gw commented on Temperatures are rising

David, if you take carbon out of the ground and burn it it is then in the atmosphere. Not hard to understand.

Your paranoid rant used the word "socialist" eleven times. I will tell you what else is "socialist". Schools, police, public roads, fire departments, the military, etc, etc. You will give up your AK machine gun over our cold, dead children.

gw commented on The dog is winning

Jere, It must be nice to know everything. You are saying that no one is born gay or has male equipment and female DNA, or vise versa. I wonder how you would act if you had a child who was gay? Gender is not always black or white. Some people are born grey, and you equating this to evilnes…