Get a grip

Journalism is news. An editorial is an opinion. A lot of "journalism " these days is really opinion but you really should be able to discern an editorial because it is clearly marked as such.

I'm beginning to think that 00 is a troll. There's no rational thinking, just trying to push buttons.

Get a grip commented on Man charged with hit and run

Okay, guys, this is going to be it for comments on this story. As so often happens, it has degraded into a personal dispute. Let's try to keep it classy!
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That may have been true in 1866, but is laughable now. Did you not see the video of the woman before the 2008 election who was almost hysterically excited that she was not going to have to worry about paying bills anymore if Obama won? Or the woman who was waiting to get her Obamaphone? The …