ezbreeze commented on FEMA gives towns $18M for sand

JMEI WRONG. There will always be a beach and therefore tourism. The beach might not be in the some place but there will always be an oceanfront.

ezbreeze commented on FEMA gives towns $18M for sand

Hard to fathom this wasteful use of tax money. Like, doesn't FEMA have enough wreckage to spend money on?! How about helping people in Newport, New Bern, Morehead City get well without going in great debt, rather than battling Mother Nature. (Who doesn't thing that fight is a losing battl…

ezbreeze commented on Florence strips beaches of sand

Are you serious. Sea level rising and there is really this much thought and effort in fighting it with all our tax dollars. Where are all the fiscal "conservatives" when we need them. I'm sorry but, you build on the seashore, you lose!!

ezbreeze commented on Shipping hub may mean jobs

This shows that Gov. McCrory is a socialist, no less than Bernie Sanders. 122 million tax dollars given away. How do you like that!

Is that what he was elected to do, give away tax dollars. Wonder how the Tea Party will react to that!?

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Well said Virginian.

It baffles me to know there are people that think they can beat back the ocean!
That war will never be won.

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Thank you Sammy Bland. That is a wonderful testimony.
You nailed it. .I wish I could have been to the service with the neon

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C'mon now. Take a look at this country over the last 35 years. Redistribution of wealth is long overdue and I for one am not shy about saying it! Make the change.

One nice thing about Carteret Count is there's sand aplenty for heads to be stuck in.

ezbreeze commented on County to stall turbine plan

Thanks Paragon, for helping to illustrate how easily duped conservatives in Carteret County can be. All my suspicions of this Dr. Droz have been confirmed. And McElraft frankly is an embarrassment. Wonder where she is from originally? Is she a dingbatter like the fine Dr.?

Ronald Reagan made it popular to bash Government workers, while Reagan was busy doing that; the likes of Derryl Garner just continued on serving their communities and nation and accomplished many small but vital things.
Thanks to them all.