Innocent until proven guilty means nothing to you? May as well just throw out the entire constitution while you are at it.

Just remember, we the people elected Mr. Day. Those who voted for him knew, or should have known, what he was. Elected officials like Mr. Day get away with their antics because we the people enable and allow it.

Why dopeople fuss about things politicized? It is difficult to find something that is not politicized in some way.

If we have a malaise of leadership, it is the fault of the elctorate, Bot dems and repub voters, because it is the voters that put people in positions of leadership.

Mankind has been repeating istory throught recorded history not because we fail to remember it, but because we think we are exceptional and will not repeat the errors of the past. We presently have a fascist movement in this country (repeating history) that thinks the movement will not re…

Vaccines don't work. Masks don't work. Prayers obvuously have not been working. Exactly what do you people want to have happen? Cases are going up. Hospitals are being overun. Health care workers are exhausted. If the trend continues, you better not have a heart attack or get in a car acc…

What is the name of youre doctor? Dr. Mengele?

It is dictionaries, not dictionary;s. Perhaps you should have googled it.