When council approved building the new Town Hall the price tag was $ 4.89 Million . Now the cost has gone to $7.6 Million .It appears to me that the old school could have been saved with money to spare , Remember, the councils decided that it was cheaper to remove Wallace building due to …

I did not know that we have had that many tall structure fires . That is the primary use of this truck . Or maybe it is being used for accidents and fires that other smaller trucks could be used ,Just saying !

The county uses most of the tax money on the School system and I get that . But "WHY" , I must ask as a Morehead City Taxpayer too , Why do I have to pay for School Resource Officers The MHCPD provides with City Tax money in County Schools located in the City limits of Morehead with City …

I am glad that other taxpayers are seeing what is really happening in Morehead , but is there enough of us to vote for change ? That is what it takes . Remember 3 out of the 5 commissioners have the power !

Could it be that the Officials running the town have been putting wants in front of our needs ? A tremendous amount of $ has been spent on wants over the last 10 years or so .

I have had several close calls from being hit by Emergency Vehicles . Some of these drivers assume that we can see the flashing lights and hear the sirens. I have witnessed multiple emergency vehicles entering Arendell Street in front of Taco Bell without using the Emergency signal lights…

Raised my taxes last year, laying off workers now ,but talking about loaning small business in town money !! I am at complete lost on this . Pay ATTENTION MOREHEAD CITY TAXPAYERS !!!

How can a couple folks disrupt so many others lives? I have seen back in the day in some of the down east communities that a newcomer would not feel welcomed after making a move like this !

On the Harkers Island issue , don't supply power to the ones that do not want a utility easement crossing the property that they own ,

Build a bypass starting south of Swansboro from Hwy 24 over to Hwy 58 , Problem solved .