My question is , did the Webb family donate books , art work and other artifacts they had accumulated prior to the Cities takeover of the Library . The Library has been there since 1936 , but the City took over in 2006 . 70 years of history artifacts and books before the city got involved…

As a City taxpayer if bothers me to see a Million $ Plus Fire truck in Grocery Store and fast food parking lots around town . I now that they have smaller vehicles that would save on wear and tear .

Up the limit on Red Drum . They are more now than I have seen since I have been fishing and I am 64 years old. Drums main source of food are crabs . I guess that is to simple and uses to much common sense .

Tell us how you really feel Vern ! Lol , Sad but I have to agree with you on this .

City officials should voted to have the water recycled instead of putting it in the storm drain ! I personally asked about the issue of water quality that the water park could cause !! Once again it fell on deaf ears !!

I am 63 years old . I have held a commercial fishing license as long as I can remember. I started commercial fishing on my own at 16. I kept my full time License to sell until 2018 , because it became to expense for me to justify the cost . I do however hold and have held a recreational l…

Big Rock Sports have not paid the city for use of the facilities which is a breach of contract as far as I can tell . So how can they charge kids to use The Big Rock Field that taxpayers are funding

Why is there a $150.00 per player fee to cover cost ? Taxpayers of Morehead foot the bill for the upkeep and paid for the park . Who gets the $150.00 per Child playing ???

When council approved building the new Town Hall the price tag was $ 4.89 Million . Now the cost has gone to $7.6 Million .It appears to me that the old school could have been saved with money to spare , Remember, the councils decided that it was cheaper to remove Wallace building due to …

I did not know that we have had that many tall structure fires . That is the primary use of this truck . Or maybe it is being used for accidents and fires that other smaller trucks could be used ,Just saying !