Gee that might explain this sentence " After some discussion, Commissioner Chris Chadwick made a motion to accept the sheriff’s recommendation to raise salaries 14.31%" That would give the high sheriff a raise of $17,172 or half the current annual salary of a new hire. now if a commission…

Mr. Day is known for his outbursts. I feel doubt in my heart he will spend any time following a school nurse. He should but will not make a public apology for calling the school nurses " covid nazis"

His behaviour is pandering to lowest common denominator , and is an embarrassment t…

Recruiting and retention? That suggests raises should be staggered from small to tall. Entry lvl is is 35k the high sherrifmakes about 120k.

Does senior staff need 10% or would it make sense to give them 3% and increase starting 15%.

Having the business is the wifes name to take advantage of set asides is very common. teaching people about how to advance their business via existing programs seems a good thing to me. IE: more profits more taxes paid, more local spending, more local jobs.

A no wake area means most folks act responsibly, a few push it and create a small wake , and a small number create a giant wake, because "hey, rules are for others."

Folks need to just accept the status quo, lifetime appointments for old white guys to the comission, all the boards appointed by the same, everyone in lockstep and group think. Does anyone not think that contencious issues are not tabled till the heat is off? That the public decisions and…

If the town is 90% developed, then a long term plan for stormwater and development is as they say, locking the barn door after the horse has escaped.

The whole state run likker system is just a venue for patronage jobs and a cash cow for the state. Free market comrade? Time to do away with this dinosaur.

Long term to just go for ocean outfall. Polluting the dunes, then remediation every few years seems foolish.

Natural filtration in sand dunes? What happens in reality is oil will eventually clog the sand making it impermeable, and then a new spot will be required. If they could get the permits for this boondoggle, they would be better off longbterm