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So, i suppose we can all agree, since all poll's are compromised, their all fake, hahahahahahahahahahhaa


Watch real close in 2020 , and the TRUMP TRAIN IS GONNA ROLL RIGHT ON!

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Oh, what the heck, here are hundred's of links actually SHOWING CREEPY JOE'S , um, shall we say, hidden mental fantasy's .........

Case closed.

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Well, i'm not the person you asked, but, um, yea, in FACT, here is one quick vid, there are hundreds of him ou youtube actually doing this though, so, you can look them up.

Creepy Uncle Joe Can't Control Himself


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The next time you have a need for healthcare, pay for it yourself. (personally i don't care where you go to get it done).

Finally, even Capt Grumpy agree's all hand out's need TO STOP!

See, we are winning, in a big way!

Even he see's there is NO FREE LUNCH!

Welcome Capt Grumpy to COMMON SENSE.......... [wink]

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A bit of older news, but, FACTUAL.

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Creepy sleepy Joe................ ....

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UH-OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Wait, looks like someone is getting on with FACTUAL BROKEN LAWS!!!!!!!!! All these Utopatarians/ democrazy's were in this, even sleepy joe's Boss, means he had to know too! Not good Joe, not good. (well, and then there is slee…

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Here is whats in store for democrats , this is what happens when you steal things, in NC. .... All your great kids at UNC, ok................ Creepy Joe is gonna be swamped with the Cosby Clan!  Hillary for jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUMP FOR 2020!!!!…

A Glimmer of Hope for the Future?