Uncle & son is now being called fuhrer by his own ilk. Figures.

We are in deed extremely fortunate that there are patriotic young people willing to serve our country and fight & if necessary die for it. Those who are not are just lucky that we have an all-volunteer force. Hopefully, there will never come a day when the draft has to be re-institute…

"Smelling blood in the water, Bernie and his supporters attack Warren" by Andrea Widburg.

"Democrats become first nation party to hate the nation they wish to lead" by Eric Utter.

"A tale of two approaches to Middle Eastern struggles" by Howard J. Warner.

Unlike feds NC requires its politicians to balance the state's budget. Teaching & pushing socialism should cure the problem.

Seems to have a solid background in elementary ed so would agree.

Doesn't this mess go back to a D named Carter? Iran had done nothing to us until then & when a radical Islamic fanatic took the reins of Iran. Then they decided it was a good idea to release our hostages when & why? So, those pallets of $ or however it was transmitted wasn't ready…

Seems some didn't get the news that BO pulled out of Iraq years ago effectively giving it to Iran & creating the vacuum for the creation of his JV ISIS Caliphate along with unimaginable chaos & death. Trump promised & has essentially destroyed ISIS partially controlling Asad &…

"Academia's Leftism becomes more aggressive and more stupid" by Andrea Widburg.