Conspiracy theory. There were no BLM or Antifa involved. That's why Sullivan wasn't arrested.

Some do & some talk about it. ISIS knows.

And, now you know. Justice for some is a poet but didn't know it. So, now we have poetic justice but for who there's no clue. Maybe in '22.

No it was Russia's Gulag now it's China's. With free speech dying quickly here who knows. The call by some of your comrades it may be sooner than you think.

"Cancel culture will prove to be the deadliest virus of them all". By Patricia McCarthy. Quote, in part, "Unlmited power in the hands of limited people always leads to cruelty." Those are the words of Aleksandr Solzhensitsyn. "The Gulag Archipeligo".

Who let the dogs in and why? Then when the dogs started to bite their tormentors they cry like babies.

Yep, better than RR & that's saying a lot.

Don't know if it's comical or downright amazing. There was the president yesterday standing by that beautiful wall & conversing with those LE folks then as confident as ever spoke about last week & the wall. This after driving some of you & your Marxist comrades looney for 4 y…

Yep, Orwellian for sure. First president with no new wars since Carter, got us out of Syria, peace in ME and worry about nuclear button. Makes sense to any TDS sufferer.

Anybody know why people are leaving NY & CA which are run by leftists?