David Collins

Great advice but they won’t . Almost never do .

If you think you love your pet , keep it close to home . Real close . The only folks that like pets are the ones that have pets . Think about that .

Who now owns the property ?

Quit the academy ! Y’all getting old , real old .

Here we go again . Never seems to stop . What a waste of time and treasure .

Copy cat ?

Trying to follow the editors instructions here . Off shore windmills are subject to all of the dangers you described , some more than others . So , put that into the bag of potentials .

Really do not see why the study . Been studied to death . We know what powers them , how they wor…

More bonuses/raises for government employees and more of them as well ? All of which will have to continue to be paid , with benefits , long after the money has been frittered away . I call it diarrhea of the pocketbook .

Another half truth . Sure the UK briefly received a chunk of power but now is scrambling far and wide for fuel oil and natural gas . The old windmills are not quite up to the job and power prices are escalating . Same goes for the EU and other countries as well . Even China is not immune …

Money , money , money . Everyone wants a piece of the action . Wonder if the “ Thumbs Up Guy “ is included in the mix ?

Even better would be an easy way to find out just how much of the giving actually reaches the needy . So often one hears of only a small percentage reaching the intended folks with the vast majority going to ( overhead ) . The business of charitable giving is alive and profitable .