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David Collins commented on K-8 students to eat free next year

How about indoctrination. Try that one on for size. Fits right in with today’s education system.

Is there a water retention system in place so the water can be reused or is this straight out of ONWASA’s water main. If so this attraction could get a bit pricey for the taxpayers. Response ?

David Collins commented on Looming extinction, No!

No he did not. Probably did not get that far but his campaign is in it’s infancy stage. Anything like that and more will come out. You can take that to the bank. Bragging about female conquests have no place in election politics even though there are plenty of females out there that are attr…

David Collins commented on Charleston Park without repairs

A quick search here. H J. Morris Construction, owner Henry J Morris of Raleigh, N C. . Last listed project was in 7/20/2012. Status of company, Admin. Dissolved. Yeah, I would be concerned. Initial feelings are that the folks were sold a pig in a poke, so to speak. Disappearing contractors/d…

David Collins commented on Looming extinction, No!

Big Joe is going to have his own investigation issues. Seems like “Big Joe” likes family enrichment as much as he likes touching women. Time will tell. Should “Big Joe” get in, then you will deserve what you get. The rest of us, not so much. Way to early to be borrowing trouble.

David Collins commented on K-8 students to eat free next year

This hand out is a federal program. Highly doubt that anyone in NC Govt. had a hand in this. Just part of the swamp that needs draining.

David Collins commented on ‘Case closed’

Could be that outgoing Sen. Burr is doing a bit of grandstanding. Grandstanding to increase the scope of his employability once separated from the Govt. feed trough. Am quite sure we have not seen the last of him.

David Collins commented on Looming extinction, No!

Sure, we do change our environment. What was once a meadow is now a strip mall. What once was pristine shoreline is now a waterfront town. Much beyond that is where nature’s powerful forces interact with land masses building mountains, changing the courses of rivers as well as the land masse…

David Collins commented on Paid parking to launch in county

Did not Beaufort claim that last year their paid parking share netted them a tidy profit? Tourists that drive long distances to get here are glad to pay the 5 or 10 dollars to park. Just a small piece of the yearly vacation pie. Locals, well not so much. They have few other options if they n…

Government jobs are quite real to those that have them. Sadly the efficiency of said government employees is mired down by archaic civil service rules and regulations, unions and not lastly politics. The employees get paid the same when the work is completed properly and timely or not. Firin…