David Collins

Appears they are doing just that Benelli , just that . Bout time .

Hey , the best the BORO has to offer . Seldom an original thought , that’s us .

David Collins commented on LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The coming war

As a current cancer treatment recipient , who needs coverage when we have Medicaid . Covers everything . Neat and pretty from the cradle to the grave , the new American way if Harris becomes president . Oh , I meant that guy , the old .... , heck you know ......, the name , him .

David Collins commented on LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The coming war

Hypothetically speaking would depend on the action but why waste time on if , might , could be’s and all that muck ?

I disciplined mine as I saw fit for the action . Let others do the same . Let the Judge sort it out .

Not quite so imaginary perhaps . After all posted on U-Tub…

Yeah , so worried yet not a mask in sight even back in May . Still want to get paid though !

Adopted two disabled children from China did we . Chairman Xi is so proud of you . Two more they won’t have to provide for . Good job , keep it up . Now you expect the taxpayers to pony up t…

What the ............? Hold on folks , enough is not only enough but too much . Way too much fiddling about here . Very little in life is as simple as voting , why muck it up ?

Analogy time , again . You decide to bake a cake . Off to the kitchen with the cake mix box , complete wit…

Few would argue that John McCain changed as the years rolled by . Perhaps it was the progressive cancer within , but who really knows . Sad that Miss Cindy feels it necessary for her distain for the president personally to compel her to use her notoriety to try to move an election . Thoug…

No , the poorly educated normally don’t drive expensive vehicles , just skateboards .

Highest priced face shields in the US . Fix dah choppers !

Where did you get that $10.66 hr number ? Perhaps that is what Molly Maid pays . My daughter and we as well had to pony up $100 for someone to show up and chase dust bunnies for an hour or so . An hour or so if you are lucky . Apparently , $100 was not enough for our bunny chaser was a no…