David Collins

Like Facebook really matters . Could shut down today and we all would be better for it .

Google has more money than most countries . Constructing a geothermal closed loop cooling system to do the cooling of servers is a simple task . Then the surface water , of which the river is part of , and the ground water would be spared .

Hey are drawing other giveaways like the child bribe money .

Bungles will mess this issue up as he always does . Perhaps Hunter would step in .

How can you say that , Native ! You know that EI would do so well under a Lori Lightfoot .

Bet it does not flood where they live .

Thirty families , bet it just turns into a bunch of rentals . Rentals that should make it a commercial enterprise and all that goes with it . That will be ignored as well , even though the town would get occupancy tax revenue .

Desperately trying to find something , one thing will do , that he has touched that has actually worked and not blown up in his face . Another bad day for bungles .

They will leave when the spirit moves them . We get them down here occasionally as well .

Politics makes for strange bedfellows . Who said that ?

Agree , Native , agree . The only thing is that politicians love “ legacy buildings “ . You know , the ones with names on them and pictures of dead people in the halls . Hard to beat that .