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Spot-on analysis, imo. Should be a wake-up call to the mis-informed, but we already know this will fall on deaf, covered ears.

A few negative aspects:

- The (2) lane high rise bridge needs to be upgraded to (4) lanes first

- The Radio Island portion of US Hwy 70 will have to be reworked *again* to accommodate the additional traffic in/out of this new industrial park.


Sounds rather light to me for a blatant offense such as this, and a 2nd offense, too!

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I fully concur with this opinion article. The traffic flow around the Post Office is reason enough for a relocation or major change to ingress / egress.

Too bad none of these teachers or kids will do any actual research on the subject, and instead just base their 'beliefs' off 'feelings'.

They should really teach them about COMMUNISM, and the results of gun confiscation in otherwise free societies.

But hey, what do I know.....

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We will be having a Celebration of Life Gathering April 29th, from 2-3pm, at Ft. Macon.


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