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Great letter! There is a HUGE support for MaST. Many local businessmen and businesswomen are on board. We need to find a way to educate and keep our kids IN county and this is certainly a way to do it.

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Osprey, Mr. Day has children that will go to East if redistribute happens. In my opinion, That's why he's fighting so hard against it. You also seem pretty hot about yourself Bout this mess, do you also have a vested interest?

CrystalcoastcultureNC commented on MaST closure violated state law and GOP platform

please respond. Trying to wrap my head around this. 1-Has the BOE acknowledged CCC has gone on record to support MaST financially..and support staff? Why doesnt this affect BOE decision. 2- can you please confirm.....I read that the funds from the state specifically Earmarked for early co…

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Ummmmm. Why is no one noting the fact that Parents are supporting MaST because CCC has stepped up and said on record that they are willing to support MaST financially and have said they also support the faculty!! MaST also is predicted to be SELF SUFFiCIENT in 3 years. They are in year 2.…