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No one is defending pedophilia, we're saying this was not pedophilia, and anyone who thinks it is is a conspiracy theorist who should be ignored.

Last year they issued 468 permits. This year they've capped it at 285, reducing the maximum number by a third. I'm sure if there are continued issues with overcrowding, they'll continue working towards finding a solution.

While they're not wrong that the 70/East Chatham intersection is a death trap, maybe they should address that as a separate issue. Re-designing that intersection so it doesn't meet at such an oblique angle, maybe even add a stop light, etc., would do a lot to improve safety there.

I hate losing park space, but having a station for our first responders that is useable during natural disasters is far more necessary. Hopefully the red tape dealing with the state and repaying a PARTF grant isn't too much of an issue.

According to a quick Google, technical terms would be 13 or more stories, with 5-12 stories being mid-rises. In more layman's terms, though, 5 or more stories is considered a high rise.

I think you may have misunderstood the article. The military is interested in making sure no high rises are built on the property, as it's in the flight line. 20 acres is to remain undeveloped, while 10 acres are to be developed, per the sale contract. A dog park and potential ballfield a…

One of my favorite parts of reading articles about improvements in our local infrastructure and investment in education and our future is the wonderful, uplifting comments on so many articles. What a great way to contribute to our community!

It's almost like this is from grant money that is specifically dedicated towards this project. And it may surprise you, but people are actually able to work on multiple projects at the same time!

You don't need a hazmat sign for an asphalt walkway.

For the love of God, please fix that intersection. It's a nightmare to try and navigate when coming from E Chatham. Look across 4 lanes of traffic at an oblique angle, plus a left turn lane, with traffic driving 60+ mph. I hate adding more traffic lights to our morning commute, but this i…