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when i see doctors and nurses not wearing mask then so will I. Am not depending on what some sheriff tells me about what is safe or not.

a lot of you may not have to worry about wearing a mask if this mess keeps on coming on strong as it has over the past few weeks.

wonder what it is about the Newport area having the highest percentage of covid19 cases along with accounting for most of the drug head being busted?

Ummm, looks to me that with all of them oysters growing there its already a living shoreline. Curious to see how all of this turns out especially spending a million or so tax dollars to make this a living shore line. Looks to me that the present bulk head is still working plus providing a…

some folks do not know how to be content and are always demanding more. Even in very hard times when many of us do not even have a job there are some that are always complaining even though they are still being paid well along with great benefits.

I guess the hard working parents don't take the time to fix a sandwich for their kids and are using their food stamps for ?????

This is what happens when you have politicians that love to spend other people's money. Guess we need to elect some politicians that do not have a load of money since our politicians have no problem coming up with a few extra hundred dollars each year due to increased taxes

Cudos to the Navy vessel USS Whidbey Island for their rapid response in giving aid to this woman that was injured. Its too bad the Marine Corp found it necessary to do away with the Pedro program in this area.

spend,spend, spend. out of work taxpayers in NC have plenty of money to pay in more taxes. Or at least it seem to be the thought with our politicians at all levels. Think it way past time to do some swamp draining around here like it is in DC.

Maybe our gov leaders should try cutting spending for a change. Do we really have to have the multi million dollars state of the arts buildings along with the million plus dollar fire trucks that do nothing more than haul around a 100 ft ladder. The people are having to cut back so there …