Core Sounder

Talk about pork barrel spending. Imagine most of these taxpayers dollars will be used to create more gov jobs that are not needed and someone please tell me what in the devil is a living shoreline and why do we need to spend 2 million or so to build one? I mean after all according to the …

Core Sounder commented on Wishing Mrs. Roosevelt were wrong

The main problem for Trump is he is quick to say what most of us are hesitant to say in public. This president tells it like it is unlike 95% of our other politicians.

well at least she was a shade better than Dole or Edwards.

Core Sounder commented on The Cartel won

think our gov agencies try and stop enough drugs just to convince our citizens that they are doing a good job. Illegal drugs are much like tobacco products in that the gov does everything it can to stop folks from smoking but would be very un happy if folks actually did give it up. Simply…

Core Sounder commented on Property revaluation hearing set

gotta love how the county commissioners are quick to tell us that we have the cheapest rate in the State but fail to mention that we also pay the most in taxes due to such high values being placed on our property. Low rates mean very little if they have extra high valuation on your home.

Core Sounder commented on Street sweeper and a 3¢ tax increase

still think its a very high price to pay for a truck that has a long extension ladder but then again gov agencies are not known for trying to save taxpayers a few dollars. All they have to do is jack up home values or increase property tax rates.

Core Sounder commented on The artful dodger

Whether its a socialist type of medical system such as most modern Countries seem tp prefer or one like ours that allows medical providers to charge outrageous prices its a fact that our Nation can no longer afford these prices for proper medical care. Have met many retired Canadians when…

Core Sounder commented on Street sweeper and a 3¢ tax increase

wow! 1.2 million for a truck that hauls a fancy extension ladder around? Think about that for a few seconds.

Core Sounder commented on CCC gets grant for shoreline

assume a much cheaper but very effective rock sea wall will not be considered since money is no object with most gov officials here in this county.

FEMA prefers to fix the water front property of ocean front home owners over on Bogue Banks. They could care less about folks downeast or over in Hyde Countt.