chainsaw commented on Celebrate National Hospital Week

Hey db I pay for all my health care through medicare a and b and bcbs. What about you. I payed into the system and i am going to get all i got coming .You savey!

chainsaw commented on Celebrate National Hospital Week

Then the next time you have the need for health care go on WEB MD and do a self diagnosis.

chainsaw commented on Looming extinction, No!

hey francis did big joe ever brag on camera about grabbing women in their privates like your el-presidente'

chainsaw commented on Looming extinction, No!

First thing Big Joe is going to do after being elected President is to take deranged donny out behind the woodshed and teach him a lesson.

Just the beginning of the Democratic agenda coming to fruition.Get over it db you are going to be paying more fed. and state taxes. Just wait until each child gets a fed and state monthly stipend. HaHaHa HeHeHe to quote the majority of your posts.

Yes there is plus a free breakfast. Read the article. HaaaaaaHeeeeeee Woooo.Get ready to pay more taxes boi.

Thats right put all your eggs in one basket. this is why eastern nc is nothing and will continue to be nothing but a parasite on the federal taxpayer

chainsaw commented on Elect Francis De Luca

what about jobs for all of eastern nc . all you are proposing is maintaining the status quo to suck off the federal taxpayer. give us more taxpayer funded federal jobs!

chainsaw commented on Crisis on the border

hey db dc ac fu ka and whomever. Who you gonna do your dirty work, shingles, cleanup , lawn-care . The lazy locals are worthless. Waiting for a cheeeerie point jobs. Socialism at its finest,right here in eastern nc!

You hit the nail on the head. Sanderson has never done, or will ever do one thing for his district!