collins you live in newport, how about carteret county ? ....

chainsaw commented on Protecting pedophiles

Is this the best you got editor? as usual you are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Hey carteret any more than tommie tillis will leave when he is voted out of office!

chainsaw commented on America needs to put Trump first

00rolf and all the brethren, acolytes, and followers of the "editor" and the "dear leader" are in lock step.

hey collins you have any damage down there in onslow county. bet you want your fair share of govmint money don't you!

chainsaw commented on Reasons for proposed gun bans

hey dead bolt cruz 309 thousand, mcsally 228 thousand , scalise 133 thousand, nunes 95 thousand, blackburn 85 thousand, heller 77 thousand, james 75 thousand, ryan 65 thousand, rickey tickey tock, 62 thousand, hawley60 thousand Thats what the

NRA has given away for Free! …

chainsaw commented on FEMA gives towns $18M for sand

What a waste. Just think how many miles of donny baby border fence that could be built with that 18 million. Maybe 2 miles?

chainsaw commented on Never forget 9/11

Apparently the vile filthy nc state legislature forgot about 9/11.

chainsaw commented on Murphy takes US House seat

What's so unusual about this. If Charles Manson was some how rose from resurection from the grave and ran for political office in ENC and had a "R" behind his name he would win.

chainsaw commented on DNC annuls God

JohnnyR 14 dc zip, zero, ziltch!