CARTERETISCORRUPT commented on Med Park sells to CVS

CVS (aka Citizens Value Store), is a dismal provider of pharmacy services. Having seen first hand CVS's problems, this is a sad event. The doc in a box concept will not be a physician at all, it will be another poorly trained nurse practitioner or physician assistant wannabe doctor. Only …

CARTERETISCORRUPT commented on County pitches in for 3 more SROs

You don't get it. Expired inspections, tags and speeding bring in money. SRO's cost money. Security is a distant second place. There are many qualified folks to do this job, but some think cops are the only resource. When it comes down to the brass tacks, to protect against an armed encou…

CARTERETISCORRUPT commented on Beaufort approves 4.65-cent increase

I see that someone couldn't handle the truth. Wonder who? Never mind, I know. The truth hurts. But then, when did anyone care before?

CARTERETISCORRUPT commented on Beaufort approves 4.65-cent increase

Looks like installing metal detectors in the court house may have been a good idea. (Even though they are easily defeated).

CARTERETISCORRUPT commented on Beaufort approves 4.65-cent increase

If I understand this right, the town tax on a 200k home would be $920.00, excluding the county taxes also levied. This equates to $76.67 a month on town taxes alone.

CARTERETISCORRUPT commented on News-Times moves print production to Greenville

A little investment in investigative journalism would be very good, and contribute to the health and security of the served population.

CARTERETISCORRUPT commented on FEMA looks at flood insurance program changes

Don't worry Core Sounder, the middle class will soon be forced out of Beaufort anyway. Thus, FEMA will only worry about the rich, and the welfares. Newton's taxes will see to that, regardless of his "Gentrification".

CARTERETISCORRUPT commented on QAR suit headed to SCOTUS


CARTERETISCORRUPT commented on East’s new alums look to future

Now comes the student loans and debt. Welcome to society.

CARTERETISCORRUPT commented on How to Make America Great Again

Colleges are more into profit than education. Then we have the online college now, where folks can earn degrees in the comfort of their own home. Problem is, certain fields don't lend themselves to such an approach. Those who went to college and did the clinical or field work, practical h…