CARTERETISCORRUPT commented on What Democrats will ignore in 2020

Carteret gives taxpayer money to boat builders, ignores other businesses. You can't make this up. Who says money doesn't grow on trees.

CARTERETISCORRUPT commented on Will America’s youth defend their nation?

Tide Pod eating kids of today, defending America? No.

Getting married here? Don't get divorced here, an entirely different scene will present itself, not so pretty. Of course, we have to include all the alcohol for everyone.

Thank God and good riddance.

His endorsement isn't any better.

More of the same.

CARTERETISCORRUPT commented on CCSO arrests man for child porn found on phone

What a great neighbor.

CARTERETISCORRUPT commented on Parker Offshore announces expansion

Lets see, how much county money went to subsidize this business? That was reported in this paper earlier. Taxpayer funds should never be used to aid a business. It discriminates against other businesses.

Second, more toys for the rich, indeed. They must have their yachts. So, more s…

Those of us who live here knew the Seadog was there all along. It is only a carpetbagger with riches who didn't. This gym should be owned by the people of Carteret, not a rich person. Why are we selling our heritage?

CARTERETISCORRUPT commented on What lies ahead

Gotta love the liberal mindset and lack of "thinking".

CARTERETISCORRUPT commented on What lies ahead

It matters not to me what minor crimes Trump may have done. The fact remains he has done far more to better our country than any democrat ever, and is trusted far more by true Americans. We are teetering on the edge of a very nasty civil problem with the encroaching socialism and leftist …

CARTERETISCORRUPT commented on CCNT staff lists top 2019 stories

The Reels brothers should have been number one. That was an absolute travesty of justice perpetrated upon those two men. That sort of corruption should never exist. They were robbed and then jailed.