I would agree with Bear26actual IF we did the same thing to corrupt court officials.

Maybe Newton should show support for the Counties resolution in support of our Second Amendment, instead of this useless stuff.

Another alcohol/vehicle death. Why must we have alcohol to drink?

Of course Hampson is a democrat, and likely the other two judges are as well. No surprise there.

Why would anyone not want a voter to identify themselves as being eligible to vote. Surely the darker voters can get this right. Well, I can register my chihuahuas to vote now, they self identify as humans.

CARTERETISCORRUPT commented on County talks jail expansion

Sold to a carpetbagger.

CARTERETISCORRUPT commented on County board supports 2nd Amendment rights

This does not equate to being a Second Amendment Sanctuary county. There are too many undefined items, and wiggle room in the declaration. Additionally, the county already enforces gun confiscation via the NCGS 50-B LAW, that includes ex-parte hearings and confiscation, constitutional rig…

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Trump being a dictator for life is preferable to ANY democrat in office. At least he does give effort to protect our rights; something the democrats abandoned long ago. I can forgive any manner of imperfections in exchange for honoring our Bill of Rights, our Constitution. The majority of…

CARTERETISCORRUPT commented on Who do we need as commissioners?

Folks wanted the tourist dollars; carpetbaggers moved here and took over. Building without consideration of drainage occurred. Second and third or fourth homes built in stupid places. We got what we wanted; a cesspool. Congratulations. We are there.

Pandering. Collins is right, either celebrate all races, or celebrate none. White heritage is never celebrated.