and when the teacher ask for a raise 3% pay raise they get told that there is no money in the kitty. If he was not happy with the $160,000 that he was paid to take the job then why did he take the job.

What more is there to say on this subject. GET VACCINATED.

Well he is trying which is more than the prvious president. BTW did you get your bleach vaccine yet?

This has now become an epidemic of the un vaccinated. Watching the news and reading the newspapers the only time that these un vaccinated people are asking to get the covid 19 is when they are in a hospital bed and just before the tube is being placed down their throats.

and don't forget the rent that they have not been paying during the CDC moratorium. Next the courts will be filled with Landlords filling for eviction notices and the ex tenants living on the streets in tents in all cities & towns like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Was ij Walmart's and in front of me was a Woman with 2 carts mainly food but there were also other items such as toys and games. She gave the cashier a debit card for "food stamp" payment and the balance she gave cash. I had my stuff scanned and paid for and when I got outside the woman w…

The trouble with accepting it is that it drags everybody else down into the pit of doom. Even their "beloved" leader Agent Orange is now getting booed when he tells people to get vaccinated. These people would rather take the cattle de worming medication than the Covid 19 vaccine. Lord he…

The number of reported cases of Covid19 has risen yet again today, and yet it is also reported that in Carteret County 16 out of the 18 people presently receiving treatment in Hospital have NOT had any of the available vaccination. Perhaps somebody can explain why?

Craven County has had to close down an Elementary School because of the number of Covid19 cases that have taken place amongst the students, and this with the schools only being open for a week or so.

When it is your job as Town Manager to oversee the workings of all departments, and this type of thing happens then you are not doing to job that you are highly paid for.