hit the nail on the head !!!! 100%

every single time something bad happens people always say we need to be educated that is bs every adult should know the dangers of these drugs

Give it away boys, lets sees first it was the water, then the sheriffs office got raises now that guy gets his 15 k give it away , why did this happen how did these people earn these raises

The answer is in the story . He’s other locations already have multiple violations that are not being taken care of

ill tell u if u every need a deputy all u have to do is go behind any fire department in the county and there is always one back there sleeping !!! Some of the deputies not all are lazy . i personally saw a deputy with his lights on sitting in hes car watching a lady changing her own tire…

I don’t get it . For some reason teachers and staff are getting extra money when they have not worked even have of the year and now are getting ready to have summer break. Why not our health providers that worked tirelessly to try and keep us healthy, for some unknown reason teachers are …

I don’t get it why do teachers and staff get more than our healthcare workers who worked tirelessly through the pandemic and teachers who have set home half the year and are getting read for summer vacation get more help than the rest . Some one please explain it to me

Who is responsible for the county’s poor financial state