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I sincerely hope everyone got what they what wanted from this deal. As a vacation property owner and someone who has done business and visited for over 45 years to the Atlantic Beach/Morehead/ Beaufort area I am elated to see this happen from my own personal perspective. I hope the new ow…

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Two Weeks?? In the words of philosophers Credence Clearwater Revival "Put a candle in the window." [beam]

My thoughts exactly, it has been a eyesore far longer than the Channel Marker. As the main entrance into Atlantic Beach it has been a negative view for years to newcomers and residents alike.

Here's hoping somebody comes in and rebuilds that piece of property, and the old neglected motel next to it. Both properties are literally the gateway to Atlantic Beach and first impression to visitors is important but also affects locals living and driving by those properties everyday. The …

I watched a power crew stocking up their coolers with food and supplies last night at a Walmart here in Tennessee as they headed your way. God bless them and all the first responders and rescue crews getting ready to work! As a Crystal Coast property owner for years and a NC native we send p…

If you want to cast blame look to both parties here is link to actual vote on Friday, please note the top five republicans who voted no including Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul and Flake, only 45 republicans voted yes. Scroll to bottom of link to see vote cast by each state. Reality is postur…

Stay warm, beautiful shot thanks!

Fantastic, what a great gift! How about pancake suppers, fish frys, concerts and such to help raise the needed remainder of money mentioned in the story. Hats off to the Maryland Fire department and especially the donor for making it possible!

Heart goes out to these families during this time. God Bless!

WOOF! That's a lot dog biscuits, here's an idea. Sentencing should include 12-24 months cleaning the cages along with restitution of funds. And no not just on weekends, 7 days a week after whatever job anyone would hire them for!