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So Emerald Isle is running family beaters against each other for Mayor?

Man, good to know we can just get cases against us just dropped in Emerald Isle and Carteret county.

I was worried since Carteret County is 90% Republican we might be one of those law and order counties.

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I’m tired of people saying Donald Trump negotiated a deal with the Taliban without an exit plan. What are these people talking about when they say Trump negotiated the plan then focused on re-election and planning his January 6 insurrection, I mean tally.

Never mind Trump never name…

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I believe Here We Go Again got his dates wrong.

If the American President NEGOTIATED the deal with the Taliban in Feb 2020 that wouldn’t make sense.

In Feb 2020 when this deal was negotiated Trump would have been in charge, there is no way my man Trump would have negotiated wi…

My first thought is $17,000 bond to get out for this young man in Carteret county.

Care to look up the bond amounts for African Americans in Carteret county over the years for what amounts to simple marijuana possession charges?

This guy could have killed several people includ…

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People still think the mask is to protect the person wearing the mask?

It’s to protect others if you have it and don’t know it. It keeps your germs from spreading out..

This is why the mask is important.

I watched the Facebook video feed and I gotta tell ya, that Travis Day guy is a genius. We think alike.

I like the way he uses his opinion over facts, I mean, I mean how many times did others have to say I can’t believe you said that out loud.

I often hear that from friends an…

I don’t understand why the editor didn’t like my first response and left it out, ..

We are not interested in satire that is used to mock other people. Serious comments will be considered. Web Editor

DC is right, right I say! It’s no longer about Republican vs Democrat, it’s R’s vs communist, Muslims, socialism and everything else that sounds scary.

I know because I listen to Sean Hannity, Levin, Buck and that other guy and only pay attention to the likes of those guys because t…

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Here’s the thing. People are already gambling . You can go online right now and book a bet.

Or call your local action taker.

This bill isn’t introducing gambling or the ability to gamble in NC. This bill simply makes it legal.

It’s pretty easy to tell who pronounces America as AMurica is this thread.

If I want fear mongering , I just tune into 96.3 or 107.1 radio.