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Big Fat Drunk Republican commented on Burr asks for ethics probe into his own stock sales

Nothing to see here. Just move along. I mean, I mean a Democrat did it too in some other state and since the local paper isn’t making a deal out of that, I think it’s partisan politics.

Just look at it this way.whats the point of getting upset here in NC if one of our senators break…

Preach on David Collins!

It would be nice to see the hotels and rental agents in the area close their doors like Florida beaches have finally done,

It’s unfortunate travelers and tourist coming to the area are being reckless with regard to others.

I’m hopeful if infected…

Big Fat Drunk Republican commented on White Oak school needs help

The answer is obviously prayer in school. The decline of our educational system is connected to removing God from our schools.

What are we teaching these kids anyway? All that elitist stuff like science, math and English doesn’t prepare these kids for life.

I mean, I mean it’s…

Big Fat Drunk Republican commented on Proposed teacher strike will fail public education

Sure, we should punish teachers for wanting better pay and resources. I mean, I mean who needs college educated teachers anyway?

I say we find good solid teachers like our herder in chief Trump(Amen) did for Trump University.

It’s about time we count Sunday school at church as…

Big Fat Drunk Republican commented on Exceeding authority

The author clearly doesn’t watch Sean Hannity or listen conservative radio, shake on you. If you were a fan of conservative radio, you would live Trump.

Trump says what Hannity says, don’t you get it?

Fall in line or get out of the way! I mean, I mean he talks like me and you.…

Judging by his social media post, he was gonna use that gun on somebody. Gun nuts do dumb things.

Big Fat Drunk Republican commented on They caved

Yes, it’s such a shame. I enjoyed my chicken much better when I knew my money spent was going to such wonderful causes like heating people for what they chose to do with their own life.

We should get back to basics and stop letting liberals push us around!

We gotta Make Americ…

Big Fat Drunk Republican commented on What Democrats will ignore in 2020

You are so right, the economy likes to drop gifts on big biz. Why worry about ma and pa when you can continue stepping on them while hiding behind big words like socialism. No need to let innovation continue to drive capitalism, it’s all about protecting the big boys and the old way!

Big Fat Drunk Republican commented on 1 person dead in shooting in Emerald Isle

Still no updates?

This is typical. A person shot, house set on fire, EI police say they are investigating, no info, but everyone is safe.

It’s time to follow up and tell the public what happened.