These comments by sheriff's are just pandering for elections. No LE agency has been given a mandate to go out and write mask tickets. For the no mask nuts, ask your Dr to take off his mask the next time you go in for surgery!

President Trump votes by absentee ballot. Members of the military vote by absentee ballot. If it’s good for the goose it’s good for the gander.

You could be forgiven if you received a bad case of whiplash from reading this news times editorial. Laws are important to obey, unless they cause a inconvenience to me. All accounts to date show this virus transmission is increased by proximity, and time. Now I can see social distancing …

Its hard to believe anyone could watch Trumps press conferences and see anything other than a game show host huckster who is in over his head. A real leader doesnt scapegoat while people are dying

Correct. The only voter fraud in this state with absentee ballots was in the 9th congressional district, by Republicans. Our president votes by mail. Our military votes by mail.

The writer need not worry. Trump is too stupid and lazy to become Hitler. Golfing, tweeting, and whining while 70000 Americans have died. But fear not, his son in law is on the case.

Mail in ballots should not be controversial. It works for the military. All this did was put people at risk for no reason. Is the almost non-existent rate of voter fraud more important than people dying?

It's based on the current death rate per the state population and the number of new infections. It changes as the data changes.

Believe it or don't. Math and the virus won't care

Trump's initial ban on Chinese citizens did not stop flights from China. The flights continued, with Americans on board. Quarantine or COVID monitoring procedures were not fully in place for Americans arriving from China or Italy.

That's how we got from "it's just a few and pretty s…

I don't think anybody disagrees that tourism is now the lifeblood of our economy, but all beaches are not equal. It makes no sense to spend any money on that side of topsail island, it will be gone in a few high tides. Certain areas of bogue banks are pretty stable. However the oceanfront…