Benelli commented on Never forget 9/11

Maybe Trump thought Dorian hit Alabama? Or he was golfing?

Benelli commented on Never forget 9/11

I notice the Trumpnewstimes didn’t mention the stable genius inviting the Taliban to Camp David..the week of the anniversary of 9/11

If only our chosen one Trumpy has come to visit. Weather was too bad for trump to visit! Had to hit the golf links, invite the Taliban to Camp David right before the anniversary of 911, and take money from our military bases to pay for his fence! The one Mexico was going to pay for. Plus …

Benelli commented on DNC annuls God

Only the Chosen One, king of the tweet, Donald Jesus Trump can save us from those immoral libruls

Benelli commented on No global warming

All the scientists in this town who are well versed in oceanography, but the Newstimes expects us to believe a “policy expert” funded by the oil and gas industry. Fake news!

Benelli commented on Blame for murder

Our president jokes about shooting Mexicans. Our president says Mexicans are rapists, thugs (and some I assume are nice people). Our president says we are being invaded, not by tech workers overstaying their visas, but by Mexicans. Our president gives cover to those who would snuff out th…

Omar's views are at best, uninformed. However she is a elected official, with no real congressional power. Donald Trump is the president and also has been very critical of our country. In a free country we have a right to disagree with our government. When we disagree, is it right for us …

Benelli commented on Town talks I-42, growth

All this talk about smart growth yet no one ever seems to figure it out once greed gets in the way. Like beach areas getting central waste water which just seems to pack more people into a smaller area and more poop water in the sounds. Northern outer Banks has been flat out ruined by the…

Benelli commented on Dilemma and distress

The editor of this paper’s only mission is to generate click bait for the far right fever swamp. He is slightly more creative in his untruths than our president. Last time I checked if a foreign government meddled with our elections, and one of our own candidates openly cheered them on, that…

Benelli commented on What I would have Mr. Trump say

Every president before Trump has done it. What is there to hide?
The man is a pathological liar. On Memorial Day it would be nice to read about our Nations fallen rather than its Draft dodger in chief. Thankfully we have the news times to daily remind us of his very stable genius!