I live in Newport. It took the county months to come into my neighborhood to clean up hurricane debris that my neighbors and I cut down and stacked on the side of the road. My friends in EI had their debris cleaned up very quickly. Our county tax money goes to pay for sidewalks for them; …

7 million for a new county building and a million for a playground, but jail is still overcrowded and homeless shelters are full. Definitely incorrect priorities

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I agree with all of the above, also want to add in the limited amount of opportunities for workers with children. We have always have limited housing options, which pushes up the cost of the available housing. More housing will possibly bring down the prices of the housing overall, as mor…

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How the heck does AB have 7 million to spend on this?? Ridiculous

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I bet some people just forgot and went home with them, thinking because they were on the honor system, it didn't matter. Maybe this is a chance for the county to start charging a loaner fee for each life jacket, or even just a deposit on the life jackets, to be returned after the jackets …

Single payer would be really so much different from what we have here. I wonder what they will do though with ppl who aren't American citizens (or maybe that's part of the plan). I know years ago I lived in Canada with my husband, who was a permanent resident. Even tho he was considered a…

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We have been told in our school to refer to students as "they" instead of either he or she. It's a whole new world out there now.