I love the comparison! The ppl in charge at Beaufort keep making changes. Will the citizens benefit from the sale? Hmm

What is average salary of someone who works for the small businesses that are tourism related? How come larger corps like Food Lion in EI are allowed to hire students on a travel visa to avoid having to pay their local workers a full time salary? Didn't the tourism board spend a huge chun…

This is one of the biggest issues in this county...we are asked to give more $ to the beach towns, yet then charged more and more to park there. The largest part of the county (as I remember) is Newport, then Beaufort, which includes DE. Just look at the disproportionate manner in which t…

With the government $$ from this & from the hurricane, it appears that MHC has more than enough additional $. Question is what happens where there isn't as much?

Just one of the many upcoming costs the county should be setting aside money for instead of spending it on expensive administrative buildings. Just wait until the many older people attracted here need additional'll be a whole lot more of expenses coming.

Then why do they need 1.6 million to study this?

1.6 million dollars to study this & no money for lifeguards?

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How does the county have 1.6 million to spend on a study and yet they say they don't have $$ for lifeguards unless they charge for parking more????