People are quitting because they are being forced to choose between their integrity and a vaccine.

Thanks but no thanks

My doctor actually told me to NOT wear a mask. They are other People out there that were Told the same thing. I love how people think they know everything.

No one asked my kids how they felt about masks. I will NEVER trust another poll or study. I have never been asked. My kids have never been asked. So how do they know how it impacts all kids?

I watched the meeting online. Mr Day and Mrs Chadwick, you guys are rock stars! You truly understand how people feel and truly understand the “numbers and statistics”. Thank you for fighting so hard. It is truly appreciated. Fear has won once again. Why not try optional masks for the firs…

My children DID have a problem wearing masks last year! I don’t like when people think they know how kids feel or should feel. My kids did not like wearing them and one had a hard time breathing in them especially on the bus because there’s no air conditioning and the heat was … in their …

That’s awesome! My kids are so happy! And I am very happy! There’s no air conditioning on their buses and have complained multiple times of not being able to breathe and being too hot because of the mask and the heat.

Seriously folks! Theres always gonna be something new from here on out to keep you scared and afraid and hate others for something they did or didn’t do. Trust God, Be brave, and have no fear! Keep on keeping on!

I’m sorry but… it’s July… tourist season. Enough said.

Doom and Gloom! Doom and Gloom!