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New paper finds global sea levels rising at only 7 inches per century with no acceleration and with no evidence of a human influence upon sea levels.

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jack wolf,

Give some exact science links and not scare mongering about more than 6 foot sea level rise in your life time. You can't do it.

Much of Carteret County in less than 6 feet above sea level.
Why haven't you abandoned where you live?

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...wind and solar subsidies have increased Europe’s energy costs
by 17% for consumers and
21% for industry in the last four years. -

See more at:

Acres required to power 6 million homes:

Wind 250,000

Solar 130,000

Nuclear 430

See more at:

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AD homonym attacks from Penny Hooper of N.C. Interfaith Power and Light about certain individuals and those others interested in doing what is right for Carteret county is unfortunate. One would hope better of an organization that claims to be "religious."

If you want half tr…

Zero industrial wind projects would be built without massive amounts of tax dollars and other subsidies.

Even with those massive tax subsidies, absolutely none of the hysterical folks who post here will give the address of the solar or wind project they own. It is not financially prac…

There was an even bigger scam at work here.

Besides misrepresenting the intent to do the work, he had to misrepresent the effectiveness of the systems he would purport to install.

Having been in the solar domestic water heating business years ago, I have kept up with the standard…

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Jeanette is a climate change denier. Denying that there is no man made change in climate. Exactly what climate change caused by man are you suggesting? Climate change has been demonstrated as a POLITICAL event and not a fact of science. It is not happening anywhere you can identify serious…

The headline of this article is grossly false and should be changed.

They measured NO ACID.

There is absolutely no rise in acid in the inlet or anywhere else in the oceans for that matter caused by man made carbon dioxide.

The content of the original report and the news art…

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Reading the leftist activist blog link posted by Jeanette would suggest there is now no reason ever to need to subsidize wind turbines because they are "competitive."

That's incorrect of course.

The articles to which it originally links (#13) indicates that there are on…