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John Hinderaker is a lawyer and not even an environmental lawyer. How versed is he in environmental and climate facts and research? Just another wind (bag!)

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I guess everyone commenting here is a Native American, whose families were here before any of the explorers. After all, aren't most Americans really immigrants? My grandparents came to the United States in 1918 from Europe. They were immigrants. They were law-abiding people who farmed and…

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The scenario unfolding in DC is like a game of Monopoly, never-ending. I'm sorry...I tend to look at WHO started the game, regardless of party...and it was Trump. He was on Square One. Maybe...he has circled the board one too many times gobbling up hotels and railroads and has just run ou…

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I know the whole Christmas break is difficult for all. However, students taking courses with state exams and students taking AP classes are severely impacted by the loss of 3 weeks of class time. Some, yes some, students will actually study to make up for the lost time. However, many will…

Best wishes, Mary, in the next round! Eastern NC is behind you! [smile]

Kudos to J. D. Harris for saving this kitty and adopting him. This kitty is blessed to be in a loving, safe home now. Good job!!

I agree with move4ward and disagree with the others who have posted. What is the difference between the students hearing their voices heard and the Boston Tea Party...same voices being heard...different times. If everyone is complacent, nothing ever changes. I find the phrase, "Well,…

Hurricane Irma is not coming here...neither is Jose! We will have a breeze and a few raindrops from some side weather associated with Irma but that is it! We are hundreds of miles from the very edge of the cone of uncertainty. Look at or the!! This is to…

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Sighting not siting

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Someone needs a dictionary to look up the definition of STELLAR.