sorry quicksand but as long as a politician in enc has a "R" behind their name they are automatic to be re- elected.

How many of you ride to walmart in morehead multiple times a week to buy your food and incidentals and then go to lowes and buy building materials and other incidentals. How many gas stations do you pass? Wha wha wha. I ride 10 miles one way to the nearest gas station. Cry cry cry!

What does the looming election have to do with tillis and enlighten me on the out of focus and clouded big picture....

Thillis was re elected and sworn in on 1/6/2021. His term ends on 1/3/2027. So he is not running for re election any time soon. Git your facts straight.

As a resident of newport and carteret county what do you propose mr. Collins.

40 years 2 tabs and 1 pine cone. Glad I got my rubber boots on.

Let us not forget the $250 or $300 dollar monthly payment for each child. With unemployment ma and pa are rolling in dough.

move to newport to make changes.

move to florida

Well jeep tell me the difference between a antivaxer who spreads the virus to their family and said family members die from covid and the covid spreader knew he or she had the virus how is that not complacent to murder.