I want to commend the President for having the patience to wait so long.

This is what happens when you live in a one-party political system. I don't care which party we're talking about. When that party knows you can't do anything about their actions, they will do whatever is profitable for themselves.

Thanks for your thoughts. I too have had a hard time dealing with the news coming out of Afghanistan.

DR. NICOLE D’ANDREA, Thank you for sharing your message.

I applaud the IMS faculty for standing up for their colleague. It takes courage to support someone who has become a lightning rod for political rage. Unfortunately this type of rage has become all too common over the past several years.

Chief Bernette Morris you have done a wonderful job. May you enjoy your richly deserved retirement.

You must be doing pretty well if what somebody calls their syrup is all you have to worry about. I don't know if I'd quit eating it though if it helped to keep me alive for 8 decades so far.

I agree with Susan DeWitt Wilder.

I will help to keep America great by casting my vote for Joe Biden. I am not sure where all the talk of socialism/communism is coming from. I know this, it's not coming from the Biden campaign. If there is a hint of socialism in the Biden/Harris Team it is certainly less than existed in a…

I agree wholeheartedly with the author. This forum on carolinacoastonline.com is typically dominated by a few blowhards bent on derailing any attempt at civil discussion that does not conform to their own perspectives. I do not think any position I hold constitutes a truth beyond the fact…