"UV light and sunshine are the same thing."

No. 10% of the sunlight is UV light. Less than half of this 10% penetrates the earths atmospfere.

You can be out in the sun from sunrise to sunset every day and the amount of UVC light you would be exposed to in a year is exactly ZER…

Impossible. The republicans want a back-stabber-in-chief that promotes a woman claiming that alians have their dna in vaccines...

As usual, you have recited a twisted story. There is zero evidence that any of the men and women working in the alphabet agencies are working against the interest of the USofA. Those working in the government have always done their best, no matter which party, democrats of republicans, ha…

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This should be easy one for you to answer:

What has the back-stabber-in-chief done far better than any democrat ever?

Who are the “true Americans”?

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Well stated, kenwood. But those with blindfolders will never understand logical reasoning, nor will they ever believe in facts.

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Why are the trumpies satisfied with the numbers this administration is putting up?

First 34 months of this administration averages 34,000 jobs less per month than the last 34 months of the previous administration. It is weird to be bragging when doing worse than the previous adminis…

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To know the language and the Law is not a bad thing. Both by the definition of the word “bribe” and in content of the Law this doesn’t even come close to being bribery. It is not even in the same universe.

Try again: “Has anybody committed a crime here?”

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What you are describing is corruption. Corruption is illegal and someone should go to jail.

I will repeat my question, but I won’t hold my breath for an answer:

“Has anybody committed a crime here?”

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Has anybody committed a crime here?

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This editorial is beyond ridiculousness.

A group of people where there are allegedly only 2% meteorologists, climatologists or atmospheric scientists have published a paper.

To prove this paper wrong the editor are quoting a group of people where there are exactly 0% meteorolo…