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It is always nice to look at a newspaper and encounter a piece of news that brings a smile to your face. Not many things one reads in the newspaper are capable of doing that, so when it happens it produces a very good feeling.

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On Nov. 11, 1918, Ralph Lindsey wrote from his hospital bed in France, “Armistice signed at 11 o’clock. Grand celebration all over France. War is at last over and I am still alive!” Later in life if you asked him about the scars on his chest he would simply respond with a shrug and say, “I z…

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We look out at a beautiful day, sunny, warm and with just the right amount of breeze. It seems like a day to be enjoyed for its tranquility and beauty. Accordingly, it is both interesting and jarring to bring up a subject that has caused huge numbers of people much anguish: inflation.

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There are multiple topics being discussed when friends gather in person or weigh in on social media. It’s difficult to discern whether some things are OK to say. And if you lean one way, opposite of another person, is it OK to reconsider after discussion and reflection? And do you dare take …

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