This subject may create angst but it’s been on my mind as of late. I’m hoping it strikes a chord with others and will bring about thought and discussion, as opposed to merely offending anyone.

I believe that pastors should stay out of politics.

I realize they are human beings with opinions, political views, and party affiliations. They have a personal life in which to express thoughts and proclaim who they will vote for. But should they use their position in the church to endorse candidates or influence people from the pulpit or through media? I say no.

There’s one well-known television evangelist going all out for Donald Trump. He touts him as a God-sent, miraculous, and extraordinary gift that will do wonders for our country. Some people believe that … I do not.

It might be easier to believe if we could see a Christian side to our current president. The following quote came from my 16-year-old granddaughter, “Your thoughts can’t be truly aligned with God’s and Donald Trump’s at the same time.”

I was surprised to hear that from a teenager, but delighted. Further into our conversation I learned there are lots of young people noticing the un-Christian actions of Trump as opposed to what they are being taught by parents, church leaders, and the Bible. What do Godly actions look like?

And there are some things to be curious about. Did Donald Trump attend worship services during his pre-White House life? Did he hold prayer meetings with no cameras present? Why the photo-op of him holding a Bible? Does he read that Bible before or after his nocuous tweets and ego trips to the podium? Why does a famous evangelist promote behaviors so unbecoming to the office of president?

I don’t think God is Republican or Democrat. I surely don’t think a pastor should be OK with the wrong-doing of his own party and so critical of another. My granddaughter explained what she’d been taught about that too. She said that we as people are on the ground and look at sin as we would look up at the skyline. We see buildings of varying degrees of height​ as we gaze. The shorter they are, the smaller the sin. The bigger sins are the larger buildings. But God is looking from above ... from his bird’s eye view all sins look the same. Sin is sin, no matter which sin it is. I was impressed with her insights. I began to have hope for the younger generation. However, she did reveal that amongst her friends there were two opposite sides who stand by their opinions just as stubbornly as we adults.

I once attended church where a situation became just like the scenario we witness today in our country. A very short version would be that at church meetings, we had to endure the rants and ego of a certain man. His anger was troubling to most but when confronted, he denied he was angry. He preferred the word “forceful.” He was the pastor, that was his church, and he owned all control. I could gift you with a rather lengthy conversation I had with him personally but will not. Bottom line is that his demeanor was so much like our current POTUS.

Members of the congregation were told our committees didn’t mean a thing because he would have the final say over all. When asked to curb his anger and speak to all of us respectfully, he refused. He said it was his right to speak as he chooses. Does any of this sound right to you, or familiar?

I know that there will be bad apples in every profession. Somehow, I just think pastors and presidents fall into a category of higher expectations. In most types of work people must do their jobs as expected or they will no longer have a job. Shouldn’t that include pastors, presidents, and everyone in between?

Most Trump fans and that television evangelist I spoke of will admit that Trump has his flaws but that God uses flawed people to do his work. Yes, I agree. For instance, I know the stories of Zacchaeus and Matthew, both tax collectors who cheated people. Jesus spent time with them and once knowing Jesus, they turned their lives around. Zacchaeus paid back all whom he’d cheated, and even more than he had taken. (Luke 19: 1-10) Matthew dropped everything and became a disciple. (Matthew 9:9) Just two of many examples but the point is they repented and because they came to know Jesus their lives became different. People could see evidence of their faith.

Is being a pastor a job ... or a calling? Either way, shouldn’t people expect better and get it? When a pastor is the bully at church many people will leave. I will compare this to being the bully of a country. I think it’s time to see Trump fans leaving “that church” and demand better for the good of our country.

I believe in praying for leaders and lawmakers. I pray they will be led to do the right thing and use wisdom in making decisions. As long as those decisions are for the betterment of all, not just themselves. But we are not to worship them.

The Bible tells us to stay away from idols (1 John 5:21) and that the devil walks about like a roaring lion. (1 Peter 5:8)

He sure does.

Author Carol Hartsoe writes from her home in Bear Creek.

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David Collins

I totally agree with Carol . ALL pastors , men of the cloth be they degree holders from actual seminaries , or apparently self ordained Need to serve God and not a political party . Think how many Dr. Reverend this and that would be eliminated from our political process and the hate , race baiting that goes with it . Sadly these frauds in pastors clothing are in it for the big money misery often brings on . Would really like to see their tax returns .

Trump is not perfect , far from it just like myself . He is far and away a better choice than Biden , Harris and Pelosi . Beware of the hollow Trojan Horse , know your history .


I can certainly tell that you and your granddaughter are not Trump fans and your article is more about politics than religion.

So you and your granddaughter want pastors/preachers to hide their political views? What about their first amendment rights?

What about Obama, who was quoted as saying this about the U.S. “whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation — at least, not just.” Maybe true given his Muslim upbringing.

And I also assume, you and your granddaughter are not supporters of Pro Life like Trump. You believe in abortions, but what does the bible say about that?


Just an afterthought, the writer seems to be bringing politics into religion or vice versa, but isn't that what she condemns others of? Just wondering.


Now that Falwell Jr is finally out in disgrace, Franklin Graham will step into that void with a prayer march on the mall a week before the election. Jim baker is under investigation again, fleecing the flock, Graham takes a 600k salary from his Samaritans purse charity.. Is t really a surprise to anyone outside the trump cult that the grifter fake Christians are 100% behind the grifter president? Trump could have had a road to Damascus moment, but he gave that country to putin. Vote the corrupt orange "choosen one" out in nov.

David Collins

mp , Bear Creek can be a confusing place to live , as you can tell . They say it could be in the water .

Carol Hartsoe

A couple of things: As an Independent I have many qualms about both parties. I also think the good of both could be combined with the right people in office. And no, I don't think Trump is right for the job. We've only one choice for a change from the chaos we experience at this point and that would be the Biden/Harris ticket. At least our country won't be led by an entire Trump family as opposed to a president and a vice president. My article is to make a point that influential Christian leaders are saying to overlook the wrongs of his party but condemn the wrongs of the other. And, Christian leaders could themselves be in the wrong. Next...I am pleased that young people are paying attention, can form opinions, and will speak to it.

Oh my goodness NO...I am not for abortion. I am very pro life and hate that some women treat abortion as a form of birth control. There are exceptions, of course but with so many forms of birth control out there it seems to me that there are no excuses for unwanted pregnancies to happen. I am all for the right to bear arms too. Both are going to continue--legal or not. I am for Made in America... supposedly Trump is too. Meanwhile he and his kids are still very invested in China and the companies they own there. Most people would not admit that they see good things about both parties...if only we could combine the two with reasonable adults in the lead.


Guess I somewhat understand your points, Carol.

I did take offense to you using bible verses to imply that God thinks Trump and Conservatives are bad people. I'm a conservative as you might have guessed.

Sounds like you may be more conservation than you realize: Pro Life, Right to Bear Arms, No men in Women's bathrooms, Made in America, No Socialism, No Green New Deal, etc.

I noticed, however, that you didn't say anything about Biden and his son, Hunter, being associated with Ukraine.

David Collins

Perhaps the author would enlighten us with the names of the Chinese companies he and his children are invested in .

David Collins

Guess the author does not know . More false accusations !


James 1:26 ESV / 310

If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person's religion is worthless.

Carol Hartsoe

For drewski...agree

Collins- do your own research

mpjeep- well done!


Actually, Carol, my bible verse was for you to ponder.

David Collins

My , my . The author decided to go the cop out route . You knew you did not know when you posted that false claim . Bet you picked it up from The View .


Somebody is very confused. Remember those Sunday photo ops with Carter, Clinton & others carrying their Bibles coming out of the DC churches? Ah, those were the days weren't they? Maybe you should teach young folks that all sins are NOT the same as in murder is one h@ll of a lot worse than simple assault. You think there's a remote possibility that the D Party platform or at least these two jokers running for president & VP believing in abortion on demand up to & evidently including after birth is in contradiction to your claim that you are pro-life? But they somehow are a better choice? You might want to think about things a little deeper. Think Lou Holtz might be right about Biden's Catholicism? Like it or not Christianity & other religions have been a big part of American life in times of peace & war since our beginning. Look around at all the churches if you don't believe it. Many of these churches were erected because there were differences in ideas, philosophies, politics or whatever. So, what's the problem? You want to go to a particular church? Go! You don't like one church then go to another one or just don't go to church. ALL presidents had a religious preference & some had advisers. This president has a right to the same whether you like it or not. You even have a right to practice the "Atheist religion". They are called "Nones". Some even have churches & at least one demanded their own chaplains in the armed forces. Look it up. A "religion" is nothing more than a "belief system". Atheism is a belief system. There is at least on the surface, in deed, a big difference in the president's evidently Protestant beliefs versus Biden's Catholic beliefs & VP Pence & Harris & whatever she believes depending in her case on how the wind is blowing. If you want more "peaceful protests" by all means you need to vote for these two charlatans. Joe just wants to help the country by extending his useless career just four years. He just couldn't get it done in 40 & 8 with Obama who said this is a racist country because it elected him twice. He's been so great over 40 years of him & his family barely surviving on govt scraps you need him & his Leftist, socialist, radical sidekick don't you?


Yes someone IS very confused, and about to od on hyperbole. A little research will show that late term abortions are so rare as to be non existent. If you think abortion is wrong, don't get one. Only trump cultists think Bidens religion is fake, while trumps is sincere. I mean holding a bible upside down for a photo op. Two corinthians, trump can't name a single verse, never mind one that has special meaning to him.

Thats the thing about cults, your so brainwashed you just can't see its a cult.

Get trump and his corrupt cabinet and family out of govt in nov. Vote for sanity.


On August 31, 2020, Joe Biden quoted John Paul II. “Be not afraid,” which comes from his inaugural as pontiff in 1978. The context was: Brothers and sisters, do not be afraid to welcome Christ and accept his power.

Joe Biden, please give John Paul II’s a read instead of using him as cover for your poisonous position on abortion.


Religion and politics should never interface.


How about sports?


Yep, you had an Obama cult. Now, it's our turn. Let's pray you don't get your Biden cult. Heck, a sports cult of some type would beat that.




If by some chance Biden wins, I hope he has room in his administration for Cooper.


Hey Carol,

I guess you were “baffled” to learn that Joe Biden spoke at Grace Lutheran Church, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where Reverend Jonathan Barker, pastor, praised Biden and thanked him for listening to the pain of his community?


Go ahead and elect Biden. IF you think division is bad now, you have seen nothing yet. With Biden, we are very likely to see Civil War II; with the gun confiscations, destruction of our Rights, confiscatory taxation, ruined healthcare system, poor military support, and socialist mandates. Yeah, go ahead, vote for Biden. You will get exactly what you deserve.

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