Imagine you’re in a waiting room of some sort where there are children with their parents. Imagine a child acting out and running around like crazy. Or, perhaps tearing out the pages of a magazine, coloring on the wall, or anything else destructive that a child should not be doing. There are any number of possible scenarios.

Now you notice the parent making a feeble attempt to stop the unrighteous behavior or sometimes not even trying at all. Maybe, on a good day, the child actually stops. But the calm does not last long. Soon the child resumes his behavior and when the parent tries to intervene again the child doesn’t listen. The parent gives up and the bad behavior continues.

Next, another person in the waiting room speaks to the child, admonishing against the bad behavior. The parent is offended and then defends the child, sending the message that his or her actions are okay; there won’t be consequences.

I think of a quote by Franklin P. Adams. “You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.”

I wonder what we learn from adults that act like children? Were they once the unruly children in waiting rooms? The bullies in school who had no respect for teachers or rules? The children who’ve never heard the word “no”?

I think they are, and I’ve learned something from them. I have no more patience for it and I’m sick of seeing it. Somebody else needs to get sick of it too.

Now let’s go back to the waiting room scenario: there is the parent of the actual child terrorist who is in control of the situation, the people who wanted to say something but did not, and the person who did speak out.

God bless the person who spoke out…at least they tried.

Some of us may remember that back in the day, there were consequences for our actions. Mostly spankings. They generally ensued at the exact moment of misbehavior. I know that getting a spanking usually fixed me and my problem with authority. This was the norm within other families as well. We kids didn’t repeat bad behaviors.

 Jackie Kennedy once said, “If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.”

Look around the world today; there’s been a massive amount of “bungling”. It is evident in homes, schools, and government. Look at what has been going on in our country for the last few years, namely chaos and “bad parenting” galore.

It’s obvious that this country is divided in a way that my generation has never seen. Nor have we ever witnessed such hatred. Personally, I don’t hate anyone. I am not a Trump fan but I know many people that are. I respect that these people had their reasons for voting him in. What I don’t respect is that many are like the parent in the waiting room that rewards bad behavior by not speaking against it or correcting it. Silence or defensiveness both, condones it.

I don’t know anything about Trump’s actual childhood but if we must have him as President, I wish he would get to the point of adulthood. I wish some of his “parents” (Republicans) would set him straight about his behaviors as the Democrats tried to do with the impeachment process. Sadly, only one Republican in the Senate spoke up.

The message was loud and clear…no consequences.

Now let’s look at the reason Trump is in the White House according to Republicans; he was a business man and not a crooked politician.  Don’t Republicans realize that corruption isn’t limited to politicians? That’s been proven time and time again in the business world.

I’ve heard some Republicans say that although they don’t approve of everything Trump says or does, he is the best president ever. Look at the economy, they say.

 Well, I have looked at the economy and I don’t see any improvement there. Ask farmers or people that have lost jobs due to store and business closings. I personally can say my finances have not improved. In fact, my required Medicare deduction has increased and I’ve had it less than one year. I now have Medicare and a supplemental insurance, yet pay more out of pocket for co-pays and medication than I did when I only had one insurance. I’ve not seen an increase in money coming in. The prices of groceries and utilities have not decreased. When does an average citizen get to benefit from the so-called better economy?

Being unaffiliated, I have disagreements with both parties. I’m not lumping all Republicans in one giant group, but many are taking to extreme the proclivity to adore and defend our current president. They spread out a lot of hate to anyone who tries to correct the impulsive actions of their precious “child”.  Seems to me they need to step up to good parenting and spend less time adoring and praising wrong/criminal behaviors. They seem blind to the red flag warnings that have been waving since the 2016 election. Their “business man” has become a corrupt politician. How can anyone, Republican or not, deny that?

I would probably not live long enough to name all the red flag examples, so I will spare you that. We’ve all seen and heard about them anyway and most have been ignored. I use the abductive reasoning process otherwise known as the duck test. “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”

Now Americans are all sitting in that same waiting room wondering what will happen next, divided, and suffering the consequences of “non-parenting”. Funny, it’s the misbehaving and undeserving child that seems to benefit.

Carol Hartsoe is an author who lives in Bear Creek.

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David Collins

He was the best of the two candidates in 2016 . The best choice by a long shot . When a better one shows up to the party he or she will be elected . Any president has precious little control over rising prices . Should have been a bit more proactive during your working years . Nothing is really free , sooooo , there are plenty of part time jobs out there to take up the slack .

Carol Hartsoe

David, thank you for your interest in my writing. However, if this is your main take-away from the article you missed most of the points I made. Aside from the fact that I never mentioned expecting to get anything free, you do help me prove one point; Trump has not waved a magic wand and made the current economy great. Otherwise, you'd have no reason to suggest retired seniors need to get part-time jobs. An improved economy would be benefiting everyone, not just the already rich.

David Collins

An entire paragraph seems devoted to your deteriorating financial strength . Been on Medicare for years and have not shared your experiences . Inflation is a fact of life and thankfully Mr Trump has kept it at bay unlike other presidents I can well remember . No one is perfect .

What laws has Mr. Trump broken ? Seriously now , tell me about his corruption . Real and imagined will be entertained . From what I observed the corruption appears to be in the oppositions camp . A totally do nothing house , stealing the taxpayers money by not doing their jobs while devoting every waking minute to unseating a duly elected president . Yeah, that is corruption on steroids. That is the disruptive child in the room .

Rich and poor are relative terms . They do share a commonality. The rich do the things that make them so as well as keeping them so. The poor do the same . It comes down to your decision making processes and ability to sacrifice the now for the future . Yup , some luck does enter into the equation and must be recognized and exploited . A rising tide will never float all boats equally . Never does . Income equality is a myth . Always has been . We all may be created equal but as soon as the first cell divides the equality ends and that is a good thing .

Enough said , for now .

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