Right now, most of us are focused on a miniscule, invisible organism that lingers in the air we breathe or on surfaces we touch. No one is exempt and there’s not much we can do about it except follow safety measures as best we can.

It seems to me that while we are “social distancing” to avoid the virus we could use our extra time at home to think about more seeable, yet often ignored, situations that exist.

At this point, I believe one of the large and looming problems we face in our society is the double-standard mentality. I don’t see other people being concerned enough about it. Maybe it’s the way I was raised, which was, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” This means that if something is good for a man, it is equally good for a woman. Or, it means that if one person or situation is treated a certain way, another person or situation should be treated the same. It’s called fairness or equality.

One illustration I might mention is the popular “shop local” theme. Shopping local is admirable. It’s something I totally agree with and support. Now, what about the local shops and businesses … do they support local producers and crafters? Do they buy as much as they can from locals to fill their stores or provide their services? Some do, but some, not so much. You’re going to find “made in China” products in the stores and gift shops that visitors can buy in any retail store in the USA. You’re going to find “handmade” items that are shipped from other parts of the country. When I travel and visit shops, I purposely look for items that are local to the area. Those items are hard to find. When I go to local produce stands, I want to buy from local farmers, not something trucked in from other states. Yes, I know price and profit play a factor here. But isn’t it a double standard when the local businesses want support yet don’t support local providers? Kudos to those that do.

Another issue is the double standard in politics and religion. These two go hand-in-hand as of late. I’m of the opinion there will never be perfect people to fill public offices … not now, not ever. Certainly, the high standards we hold for one should be at least similar for the other. What’s right for the Democrats should be right for the Republicans. And the same for what’s wrong.

That isn’t the case. One party can elect someone who has never served in the military or in any capacity of public service. That person can allegedly be a liar, adulterer, bully, and hate-monger. He can disrespect women, demand adoration, shift blame and never take any responsibility when things go horribly wrong. He can even make impulsive decisions that discourage allies and have an effect on the very security of our country.

“That’s OK,” his defenders say, “We weren’t looking for a ‘perfect’ person to lead the nation and especially not a politician.” Yet, they find many faults with a Democrat contender who has served his country well and is experienced in public service and global politics. Experience is key here; haven’t we learned that inexperience in leadership does not bode well for America? So, now there are allegations of misconduct towards Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president. So perfectly timed, isn’t it? As expected, there’s outcry and complaint from the other side … a side that can’t justify throwing any stones.

Honest leadership should motivate and move our country forward, not divide us to such an extreme. Shouldn’t that last sentence be fact and not opinion?

As for the “Christianity” part, how can the righteous be so adamant about some sins and make excuses for others? Judge some people so harshly while openly adoring and praising another in spite of the severity of the wrongs? See sins in one person while turning a blind eye to someone else’s simply for the sake of party?

Double standards can exist under almost any circumstances, but some I would think, could be eradicated if people care enough. Historically, great strides have taken place such as gender equality in the military and other jobs, and working towards equal pay for women. Maybe we’re almost there. The right for women to vote took decades of dedication to the cause before victory. Even then, the hurdle of gaining agreement state by state to make a majority prolonged final ratification of the 19th amendment to the year 1920.

Why must everything become a struggle? Why do double standards even exist? Did you know that until the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) contraceptives for women were not covered by most health insurance plans but Viagra for men was? Now, most insurance must cover all methods of birth control at little or no cost. It had to be a struggle. Someone had to make the effort.

I am of the opinion that politics will be at the forefront from now until the November election no matter what the current crisis brings. Don’t be surprised if a new crisis comes along to join the mix. Yet, the election will actually be the focus even if it appears to be something else. I don’t know that we have time to struggle through all the double standards regarding candidates before then and still “make it” physically and mentally through this pandemic. If you visit social media sites or listen to the news you will notice the double standards. Please really see it, and really hear it.

Recognizing there are double standards will be half the battle … making the effort to correct things in November will be the fix.

Author Carol Hartsoe writes from her home in Bear Creek.

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David Collins

Out of 320 million people in the US , neither the D’s or Rs can field another viable candidate for president this go around ? That is beyond pitiful or at least says that no one else wishes to have their lives dissected before , during and after the election . Apparently it is just not worth it . Soooo the choice will be the best of the worst . Better vote with eyes wide open because really bad times are making up over the horizon and it is not a virus .

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